DefExpo 2020: Igla-S air defense missile possibly produced in India

Russia and India are negotiating to supply the Indian army with Russian-made 9K338 Igla-S man-portable air defense missiles (MANPADS) to be produced locally.

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Igla-S air defense system (Picture source: Army Recognition)

"Currently, active contract negotiations are underway for the supply of Igla-S portable anti-aircraft missile systems and the organization of their licensed production in India. We expect that in the near future the parties will agree on all technical parameters, and we expect to sign the relevant contracts by the end of this year," an unnamed military liaison officer said at the Defexpo-2020 arms exhibition currently taking place at Lucknow.

A simplified, earlier version is known as the 9K310 Igla-1, or SA-16 Gimlet, and the latest variant is the 9K338 Igla-S (SA-24 Grinch). The Igla-1 entered service in 1981, the Igla in 1983, and the Igla-S in 2004. The newest variant, the Igla-S, which is a substantially improved variant with longer range, more sensitive seeker, improved resistance to latest countermeasures, and a heavier warhead. The manufacturer reports a hit probability of 0.8–0.9. State tests were completed in December 2001 and the system entered service in 2002. Series produced by the Degtyarev plant since 1 December 2004.The Igla is being supplemented by the 9K333 Verba since 2014.

The Igla-S man-portable air defense missile system (MANPADS) is designed to engage all types of visually observable aircraft and helicopters as well as pinpoint air targets like cruise missiles and UAVs, both head-on and receding, at any time of day, against background clutter and decoy flares (jamming).

The Igla-S is a new generation advanced version of the Igla MANPADS. By its combat effectiveness, it exceeds the Igla from 2 to 5 times, especially when firing at cruise missiles and pinpoint targets. The Igla-S system comprises combat equipment, including the 9M342 missile and the 9P522 launching mechanism; maintenance equipment, including the 9V866-2 mobile test station and the 9F719-2 test set; training facilities; night firing devices.

Happy new year 2020 and our best wishes for friends readers customers and family 925 001
Igla-S air defense system (Picture source: Rosoboronexport)


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