DSEI 2021: Open Works unveils mobile SkyWall Patrol counter drone system to launch

Originally, SkyWall Patol is a handheld drone capture system that gives an operator the ability to physically capture a drone in a specifically designed ‘drone entangling’ net. It is used in conjunction with electronic counter-measures for a layered defence, or in environments where an electronic attack cannot be deployed. Now, a larger version has been created for transportation by a pickup truck.

Army Recognition Official Show Daily News and Web TV UMEX 2020 925 001
SkyWall counter-drone system on a pickup truck at DSEI 2021. The sides of the cargo compartment are lowered to enable the net launcher to "pop up" and rotate (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The handheld and pickup-truck transported versions use compressed air to launch a projectile up to the drone after the operator has targeted it using the onboard SmartScope, which compensates for drone speed and range automatically. Conventional weapons often fail to incapacitate a drone and do not offer a proportionate response to the drone threat and they can also escalate a situation when used in the vicinity of large crowds.

SkyWall Patrol can be used as a standalone drone defence solution but can also be integrated with a wider security system, using the SkyLink module, to offer a highly capable counter-drone package. A single SkyWall Patrol system can protect an area or multiple systems can be deployed from mobile units to protect a large site.

SkyWall projectiles are re-useable and can carry a range of countermeasures. The SP40 includes a parachute that controls the descent of a captured drone. This minimises the risk of any collateral damage and keeps the drone intact. It allows forensic investigation and enables the identification of the operator.

If the drone eludes capture, the projectile deploys regardless and controls the safe descent of the tethered components.

SkyWall Patrol has been deployed to protect the Berlin Air Show from drone threats, ensuring security and safety can be enforced. German policing authorities deployed SkyWall Patrol again at the Berlin Air Show, as part of a system called Guardion, and thus alongside other technology from across Europe; radar systems will detect potential targets and electronic countermeasures will work with SkyWall to track and stop any confirmed threats.

All of the deployed technologies and products are linked together using a command and control system that was originally developed for the military: Taranis by ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik- GmbH. Based near Munich in Germany, ESG has identified the most capable products that mitigate the drone threat and united them into a layered defence system to achieve a highly capable complete system, called “Guardion”.

The Guardion system allows drones to be detected, tracked and neutralised in a safe way. Allowing it to be deployed in built-up areas and public spaces. The SkyWall net capture systems ensure that drones can be quickly and safely neutralised when required.

Army Recognition Official Show Daily News and Web TV UMEX 2020 925 001
SkyWall powerful counter-drone system mounted on a pickup truck, with its original handheld version displayed on the back of the vehicle  (Picture source: Army Recognition)