DSEI 2021: The Aardvark Group unveils RANG-R at DSEI

The RANG-R (Remote Autonomous Next Generation-Rover) is Aardvark’s next generation, class leading, multi-role, autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) developed through a collaboration with some of the leading minds in the fields of Autonomous vehicles, Artificial Intelligence, Sensor Technology, and the Human Machine Interface to extend critical missions whilst massively reducing the human burden.

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RANG-R (Remote Autonomous Next Generation-Rover) (Picture source: Aardvark Group)

RANG-R will be deployed in Defence, Policing, Security and Search&Rescue environs with an advanced toolkit adaptable to match a vast scope of operational requirements and was borne out of our clients informing us that their operations were becoming more remote, more complex, harder to supply and in vastly more hazardous environments. These factors have resulted in the need to carry high levels of capability, equipment, and supplies to maintain the welfare of operators, potentially at the cost of task effectiveness and ultimately increasing the physical burden on the team.

Key capabilities:  

• Can be deployed on logistics support, C-EO / C-IED, humanitarian and conservation
• Payload capacity of 3,850Kg (2 x NATO pallets).  
• Autonomous load and off load capability.  
• Maximum speed of 70 kph.  
• Range of 100 km and 72 hr run time without resupply.  

By working with operators around the globe, Aardvark has created an advanced technological solution to these client needs by developing a UGV that can provide crucial support to the front line, reduce the logistical burden of resupply, whilst delivering security and supporting the sustainment of effort on the task. RANG-R can be fitted with a range of tools designed to mitigate a wide variety of threats whilst integrating with other advanced technologies to provide enhanced situational awareness.

The Aardvark Group’s CEO, David St John-Claire said “Our clients required a multi-role UGV solution that embodied the Aardvark ethos of reliability, survivability and affordability and I truly believe that the RANG-R delivers fully against that requirement. “I am incredibly proud of the Aardvark family of colleagues and strategic partners who have worked tirelessly during the pandemic to deliver RANG-R to market.”