Eurosatory Live Demo : Milrem's THeMIS Unmanned Ground Vehicle

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13 - 17 June 2016
Milrem at Eurosatory 2016
Eurosatory Live Demo : Milrem's THeMIS Unmanned Ground Vehicle
At Eurosatory 2016, the Estonia-based defense company Milrem will showcase for the first time its new THeMIS unmanned ground vehicle during Eurosatory's live demonstration, planned each day at 10.30 and 15.00hrs. Resulting from cooperation between Estonian military forces and Milrem, THeMIS was unveiled in september 2015 during DSEI exhibition in London.
Eurosatory Live Demonstration Milrem Themis 640 001Milrem's THeMIS UGV in live demonstration at Eurosatory 2016
Milrem's THeMIS UGV features strong mobility capbilities. It features an hybrid powerpack, comprising a diesel generator, Li-ion battery packs and graphene ultracapacitors allowing speeds of 25-50 km/h. These high-capability powerpack allows up to 8 hours of nominal work. The powerpack is completely fitted inside each track module, each module being entirely similar. This allow greater maintainability of the UGV.

The THeMIS UGV can carry a payload of 500 kg, making it possible to use the UGV as a weapons platform, a base platform for surveillance devices, a transport platform for the injured or several other such applications. As the tracks of the vehicle exert the same kind of pressure on the ground as a skier, the UGV can reach a target on any kind of terrain - snow, sand or wetlands.

Once the base platform fully developped, Milrem will propose variants, then will start developing an autonomous control system and, in the future, swarming capabilities.

The vehicle has passed its first test runs with success. This year, Milrem will be paying a lot of attention to cooperation with international partners and to showcasing their products at various exhibitions. The first of them was Singapore Airshow, where the vehicle was on display.

The UGV has been developed in cooperation with the Ministry of Defence and the Estonian Defence Forces. Milrem also has cooperation relations with several universities in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, including University of Tartu, Tallinn University of Technology, the Estonian National Defence College and the Lithuanian Center for Physical Sciences and Technology.