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Live firing with 2S19 MSTA-S - 2S34 Chosta and Tornado-G MLRS for Russian artillery units

Armies in the world - Russian artillery live firing
Live firing with 2S19 MSTA-S - 2S34 Chosta and Tornado-G MLRS for Russian artillery units
In the military field training camp of Stavropol Krai has been started live firing for the Russian army artillery units of the combined armed forces of the Southern MD (Military District) which involves about 500 soldiers, over 100 pieces of military combet equipment and vehicles.
During the field training artillery crews will practice self-propelled howitzer 2S19 “Msta-S”, Multiple launch Rocket System Tornado-G and self-propelled mortar 2S34 "Chosta” firings. They will also meet qualifying standards concerning deployment, engineer organization as well as engagement of imaginary enemy facilities.

The Tornado-G MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System ) is an improved version of the standard Russian-made 122mm BM-21 rocket launcher system based on a Kamaz or Ural-4320 truck.

The 2S19 MSTA-S is a Russian-made self-propelled howitzer armed with a 152mm gun 2A64 able to fire at a maximum range of 22 km. Ammunition and gun loading, laying and retargeting are highly automated, allowing maximum firing rate of eight rounds a minute with onboard rounds and six to seven rounds a minute with rounds from the ground.

The 2S34 "Chosta" is a 120mm self-propelled mortar carrier designed and manufactured in Russia. The 2S34 "Chosta" is equipped with the 120mm 2A80-1 mortar gun. This weapon is an evolution of the 120mm 2A80 that equipped the 2S31 "Vena" which is also an evolution of the 2S9 "Nona-S".

Artillery crews will hone their reconnaissance skills using modern navigational devices “Grot” for firings preparation, positioning of targets of imaginary enemy.

At the final stage of the training artillery men will carry out 2S19 “Msta-S” firings at the distances from 1,5 up to 20 km

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