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Live Update: Hamas - Israel War October 31 2023 Combat Situations Day 25

Live Update: Hamas - Israel War October 31st, 2023 - Day 25: Arena Overview Overnight, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) intensified their ground operations in the Gaza Strip as part of their efforts to eliminate Hamas. The operations targeted over 300 sites, including anti-tank missile and rocket launch sites, observation posts, and other underground infrastructure.
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Israel Defense Forces continue to deploy armored vehicles in the framework of ground operations in the Gaza Strip. (Picture source IDF)

During these ground operations, IDF (Israel Defense Forces) soldiers engaged with terrorist units and received support from the Israeli Air Force (IAF), which conducted real-time strikes to neutralize terrorists and affiliated infrastructure. The IDF forces operated within Jabaliya, neutralizing around 50 terrorists.

In a focused effort to target senior and tactical Hamas leadership, IDF fighter jets targeted Nasim Abu Ajina, the Commander of the Beit Lahia Battalion of Hamas' Northern Brigade, who directed the massacre on October 7th in Kibbutz Erez and Moshav Netiv HaAsara. In another significant strike, the IDF killed Ibrahim Biari, the Commander of Hamas’ Central Jabaliya Battalion, who was responsible for deploying terrorists in the October 7th attack. The strike also led to the collapse of subterranean Hamas infrastructure, amplifying the damage.

Meanwhile, in the northern arena, Hezbollah attacks on Israeli positions continued, including the firing of anti-tank missiles, rockets, and mortar shells. The IDF responded to these attacks by carrying out strikes in Lebanon, targeting infrastructure belonging to the Hezbollah terrorist organization. IDF Spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel stated, “Our policy is clear: we will strike in response to any attempted attack, and we will eliminate any terrorist cell that tries to infiltrate or shoot toward Israeli territory.”

Over the past few weeks, thousands of Lebanese civilians have been evacuating southern Lebanon, at their own initiative. On October 30, 2023, the IDF announced the rescue of PVT Ori Megidish in an overnight ground operation after he was taken hostage in a barbarous attack by Hamas. However, 240 individuals, including babies, children, women, and men, remain in captivity.

Earlier today, a surface-to-surface missile was fired toward Israeli territory from the area of the Red Sea and was successfully intercepted by the “Arrow” Aerial Defense System. Fighter jets were also scrambled to intercept a threat in the area. No infiltrations into Israeli territory were identified.

Throughout the day, rockets were launched toward communities surrounding the Gaza Strip, and during the course of the day, rockets were also fired towards central and northern Israel. The situation remains tense and dynamic, with developments unfolding rapidly.

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