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Analysis: Discover Iskander-K cruise missile combat capabilities deployed by Russia in Ukraine

Russia's armed forces continue the deployment of the latest generation of military equipment to conduct combat operations in the territory of Ukraine including the Iskander-K mobile tactical missile vehicle. Discover with the Army Recognition editorial team all the technical aspects and combat capabilities of the Russian-made Iskander-K.
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Discover Iskander M cruise missile combat capabilities deployed by Russia in Ukraine 925 001
Russian-army Iskander-K mobile cruise missile launcher vehicle. (Picture Russian MoD)

The Iskander-K is based on the MZKT-7930 8x8 military truck chassis manufactured in Belarus. In road position, the cruise missiles are stored inside the rear part of the truck chassis. In the firing position, four-tube launchers are erected in the vertical position at the rear of the truck.

The Iskander-K is able to launch the R-500 tactical cruise missile and the vehicle can carry up to four missiles. According to Russian military sources, the R-500 also called 9M728, has a maximum firing range of 490 km. The missile can be fitted with a conventional warhead weighing 500 kg, or a nuclear warhead with a yield of around 10-50 kT. There are several different conventional warheads, including cluster, fuel-air explosive, and bunker-busting.

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