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Analysis: Discover new Ukrainian-made anti-tank buggy armed with Corsar guided missile weapon

According to a video published on Reddit on May 15, 2022, the 72nd Mechanised Brigade of the Ukrainian army has deployed the new local-made VOLS anti-tank buggy vehicle armed with a Corsar man-portable anti-tank guided missile weapon system.
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Ukrainian army VOLS anti-tank buggy armed with Corsar guided missile weapon station. (Picture source Reddit)

The design of the VOLS seems very similar to the American-made Desert Patrol Vehicle (DPV), also called Fast Attack Vehicle built by Chenowth Racing Products. It is a variant of the Fast Attack Vehicle, which was developed during the 1980s as part of the United States Army's High Technology Light Division (9th Infantry Division).

The VOLS is based on a modified construction frame that has two seats at the front and a cargo platform at the rear which is fitted with the tripod and optics to launch the anti-tank guided missile Corsar. In the road position, two missiles are carried in two storage boxes located at the rear of the vehicle.

Using the buggy design, the VOLS offers high level of mobility in all-terrain conditions and thanks to the use of a powerful engine on a very light vehicle, it can reach very high speeds of up to 100 km with a cruising range from 300 to 400 km.

This type of vehicle is very useful to perform guerilla operations, thanks to its anti-tank weapon system it can easily engage a target and then quickly move towards another position, without it being able to be spotted.

The Corsar is a light portable anti-tank guided missile system designed to target stationary and moving armored targets. The whole system consists of a transport launching container (TLC) with RK-3 guided missile, a missile launcher, and a guidance unit.

The Corsar missile can be fitted with two types of warhead including the RK-3K Tandem-charge HEAT (High-Explosive Anti-Tank) warhead with at least 550mm penetration behind ERA (Explosive Reactive Armor) and RK-3OF high explosive-fragmentation warhead with at least 50mm penetration.

The Corsar anti-tank guided missile can reach a target at a range of up to 2.5 km and has a maximum flight time of 13 seconds at the maximum range. The semi-automatic laser beam allows the operator to aim at the targets located at a distance ranging between 100 m and 2.5 km.

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