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Germany sends 10 Leopard 1A5 Main Battle Tanks to Ukraine in new aid package

On August 30, 2023, Germany announced one more significant military aid package for Ukraine. Among this new aid are 10 Leopard 1A5 main battle tanks, which have been a topic of frequent discussion lately. These Leopard 1A5 tanks are likely to become the most numerous main battle tanks among the Ukrainian forces.
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German Leopard 1A5 Main Battle Tank (Picture source: KMW )

The aid package includes 10 Leopard 1A5 main battle tanks. The Leopard 1A5 is an upgraded version of the German-made Leopard 1A1A1 tank, which first entered service with the German army in 1971.

Produced in Germany, the Leopard 1A5 is a main battle tank that has proven its mettle on various battlefields since its introduction in 1987. With a significant presence in the armies of several countries, including Brazil, Greece, and now Ukraine, this armored vehicle continues to play a crucial role in modern military operations, particularly in Ukraine where it is set to become the first main battle tank of the Ukrainian forces.

This German tank is designed to accommodate a crew of four people. It has a hull length of 7.09 meters, a width of 3.37 meters, and a height of 2.76 meters. Despite its relatively small size, the tank still weighs 40,000 kg. The Leopard 1A5 has the ability to rotate its weapons 360 degrees, providing complete battlefield coverage. Additionally, the elevation of the weapons ranges from +20 degrees to -9 degrees, allowing for precise shots on targets at varying heights.

The package also includes a TRML-4D air surveillance radar. Germany is also supplying 16 VECTOR reconnaissance drones. The aid package includes four 8x8 HX81 truck tractor trains and four semi-trailers. These vehicles are designed for heavy transport and will likely be used to move the Leopard 1A5 tanks and other heavy equipment. Finally, the package contains 13.12 million rounds of ammunition for firearms. This will ensure that the Ukrainian army has sufficient supplies for both training and operations.

Germany's aid package to Ukraine is a comprehensive effort to enhance the country's defense capabilities. From advanced main battle tanks to cutting-edge air surveillance radars and reconnaissance drones, the aid covers various aspects of modern warfare. This initiative is a significant step in supporting Ukraine's military readiness and overall security.


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