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Petro Poroshenko offers 2,000 additional FPV drones to Ukrainian army

Ukrainian People's Deputy Petro Poroshenko has delivered a new consignment of FPV combat drones to the nation's military forces, according to a report on the "European Solidarity" website echoed by Militarnyi.
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Petro Poroshenko handed over a batch of 2,000 FPV drones to the Ukrainian military in March 2024 (Picture source: Petro Poroshenko)

Poroshenko has secured a total of 2,000 combat drones, spanning various models, at an expense exceeding 30 million hryvnias for the Defense Forces. "This marks the fourth delivery we've made to our Defense Forces. The models, including 'Bandera booms', 'Pegasy', 'Molfars', 'Mammoths', are increasingly recognized," Petro Poroshenko remarked.

He highlighted that many drones come fully outfitted with ancillary gear, notably initiation boards and warheads: "A portion of these drones are supplied with warheads attached. Naturally, their installation is a collaborative effort with military staff, but we provide the full kit," he elaborated. Previously, Poroshenko mentioned his fund's commitment to allocate $1 million monthly toward the procurement of drones for military use. The drones mentioned are primarily designed for dropping light combat payloads, crucial for engaging infantry and armored units at the frontline.

Among the drones acquired is the heavy-duty 'Mammoth' model from Escadrone, capable of transporting up to 4 kg of combat load over extensive distances. Its significant payload capacity makes it ideal for targeting and dismantling enemy defenses. The 'Mammoth' drones have recently seen action with the Ukrainian forces on the Kherson region's left bank, notably impacting Russian military positions near the village of Krynky.

In a preceding distribution in February of the current year, Poroshenko provided the Ukrainian military with 900 FPV drones along with an assortment of 100 other drone models.

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