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Russia deploys prototype of MT-1 remote-controlled demining vehicle

According to information on Russian social media on September 26, 2023, to address the challenges posed by unexploded ordnance in the territory of Ukraine currently controlled by Russia, the DST-Ural factory in Chelyabinsk constructed the MT-1 remote-controlled mine clearance vehicle, utilizing the chassis of a standard tracked loader, the PG-20. This prototype was developed in August 2022 to conduct mine-clearing operations in the Donetsk region, which has been heavily affected by the use of mines since the onset of the war, as noted by Sergei Bytsenko, CEO of "Special-Purpose Engineering Machines."
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The prototype of the MT-1 remote-controlled mine-clearing vehicle was exposed at the "Integrated Security 2023" exhibition in Moscow (Picture source:

The first MT-1 prototype has been in operation for over six months and was utilized by Russia during the clearance of the Northern Crimean Canal. It operates in areas where the conflict has largely subsided, with sappers conducting demining activities following the initial conflict phase.

The demining process involves sweeping the terrain and engaging target sensors. This eight-ton mine clearance vehicle is equipped with remote control capabilities and surveillance cameras, allowing it to be remotely operated via a handheld console. The left joystick controls the vehicle's movement, while the right joystick manages the attached clearance equipment, enabling operators to safely clear mined areas.

This tracked vehicle can clear up to two and a half kilometers of mined territory in an hour. The operator can control the clearance equipment within a 300-meter range. For a broader coverage of up to five kilometers, a mobile command post is included.

The base MT-1 vehicle weighs 6,000 kg, with an additional 2,000 kg when equipped with roller clearance equipment, reaching a total weight of 8 tons when fully operational. Engine power stands at 107 horsepower, which increases to 190hp when the roller clearance equipment is attached. The clearance width measures 2,200 mm, facilitating effective clearing operations. The vehicle can achieve a transport speed of 16 km/h and a clearance speed of 2.5 km/h. Its dimensions include a length of 4,280 mm and a height of 2,160 mm. For transport, it can be accommodated on a two-axle trailer with a capacity of 14 tons.


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