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Russian forces capture first Ukrainian CV9040 IFV donated by Sweden

On July 29, 2023, according to a tweet from OSINTdefender, it was reported that Russian forces captured a Swedish CV9040 Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) near the city of Kreminna, Ukraine, marking the first visually confirmed loss of its kind during the ongoing conflict in the region. The captured CV9040 with one 40mm Bofors Autocannon and the "Barracuda" Camouflage Kit.
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The CV9040 captured by the Russians might be the damaged IFV on the Kreminna frontline (Picture source Veracity News)

Following the incident, RIA Novosti, a Russian state media outlet, covered the event and released footage of the captured CV9040 IFV. The video, shared on Twitter by Veracity News, showed the vehicle with apparent damage from a Russian RPG strike, which reportedly resulted in the death of the vehicle's commander and forced the remaining crew members to abandon the immobilized IFV.

There are speculations that this specific CV9040 might be the same IFV that was previously damaged by a Russian RPG and artillery near the Kreminna frontline approximately two days earlier, as reported by NOELreports on July 27. The earlier incident mentioned a Swedish-supplied CV9040 IFV being hit in the Kreminna direction and appearing to be immobilized.

The capture of the Swedish CV9040 by the Russian Army could have potential implications and usefulness in several ways. Firstly, studying a foreign-designed vehicle like the CV9040 could provide the Russian Army with valuable intelligence on the latest technologies, engineering, and design principles employed by Western militaries. This information can be used to identify strengths and weaknesses in the vehicle's design, tactics, and operational capabilities.

Secondly, analyzing the captured CV9040 could help Russian engineers identify vulnerabilities or weaknesses in the vehicle's armor, sensors, and electronic systems. This knowledge would enable them to develop effective countermeasures to enhance the survivability of their own armored vehicles and improve their defense against similar platforms used by potential adversaries.

Moreover, the Russian Army may be interested in incorporating some of the advanced features or design concepts found in the CV9040 into their own armored vehicle programs. By capturing and examining the vehicle, they could learn about innovations in areas such as crew protection, mobility, firepower, and situational awareness, potentially influencing the development of their future armored vehicles.

Additionally, if the Russian Army encounters CV9040s operated by other forces on the battlefield, having captured one beforehand would give them a chance to train their troops in how to operate, maintain, and engage such vehicles effectively. Familiarity with a potential adversary's equipment can provide an advantage during actual combat scenarios.

Furthermore, the capture of a modern foreign military vehicle like the CV9040 could potentially be used for propaganda purposes, showcasing the Russian Army's capabilities and prowess on the battlefield.

The presence of the CV9040 in Ukraine was first visually confirmed by the Army Recognition editorial team on July 11, 2023. Sweden had donated around 50 CV9040 infantry fighting vehicles armed with a 40mm autocannon, reinforcing Ukraine's war efforts, as reported by the Army Recognition editorial team on June 19, 2023.

The CV9040, a variant within the Combat Vehicle 90 (CV90) family, has been in service with the Swedish army since the early 1990s and is widely adopted by several nations, including Switzerland, Norway, the Netherlands, Finland, Estonia, and Denmark. Weighing 37 tons, the CV9040 provides armor protection, surpassing the American M2A2 Bradley by 12 tons.

Designed for the Nordic subarctic climate, the vehicle offers good mobility in snow and wetlands while supporting six fully equipped soldiers due to the bulk and weight of its modifications. Additionally, Slovakia and the Czech Republic have placed orders for this versatile combat vehicle.

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