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The Warmate loitering munition from Poland is used by Ukrainian soldiers

According to pictures published on the Twitter account of Felix Woessner on April 24, 2022, Poland would have delivered its local-made loitering munitions called Warmate to the Ukrainian armed forces.
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Polish-made Warmate loitering munition is used by Ukrainian soldiers for combat operations. (Picture source Twitter account Felix Woessner)

Citing information for the Polish Prime Minister, Poland has already provided around$ 1.6 billion of military aid to Ukraine. Poland is also a logistical platform to deliver military equipment and weapons to the Ukrainian armed forces due to its border with Ukraine.

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Poland has already delivered R-72 missiles for aircraft, Piorun man-portable air defense missile system, light anti-tank weapons, FlyEye drones, 42,000 helmets, 3,000 bulletproof vests, 1,775 artillery rounds, 30,000 5.56mm and 23mm rounds, RPG-40 grenade launchers, 100 LMP-2017 mortars with 1,500 rounds.

The Polish government may also have given the green light for the delivery of tanks, armored infantry fighting vehicles,s and artillery vehicles.

The WARMATE combat unmanned aerial vehicle (CUAV) is a multi-role system performing multiple tasks depending on the type of head installed. It constitutes a good alternative for anti-tank guided missiles with its capability to operate in a significantly larger radius, allowing comfortable detection and observation of the potential target in a relatively large time span (the flight time is ca. 70 minutes). Optionally the system can be equipped with a laser-seeking warhead.

The Warmate loitering munition has a length of 1 m, a wingspan of 1.4 m, and a weight of 5 kg. It can be easily transported by one soldier using a backpack. It features a pair of foldable main wings swept rearward, and a pair of vertical, V-shaped tail fins.

The Warmate can be used to perform reconnaissance is combat missions using different types of payloads or explosive warheads. It can be operated in less than five minutes day or night. It has a range of 4 km in open terrain or 1 km in a forest area.

The Warmate loitering munition from Poland is used by Ukrainian soldiers 925 002
Polish-made Warmate loitering munition and its tube launcher designed and developed by the company WB Group. (Picture source Army Recognition)

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