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Ukraine army is now able to create one T-62 tank battalion thanks to tanks captured from Russian army

According to information published on Social Networks, the Ukrainian armed forces would have captured around 500 Russian Main Battle tanks (MBTs) including T-62M, T-62MV, T-64A, T-64BV, t-72A, T-72AV, T-72B, T-72B3, T-72-B3M, T-80BV, T-80 BVK, T-80U, T-80BVM, T-90A, and T-90M. Ukraine's army will be able now to form one T-62 tank battalion.
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Russian tank T-62M captured by Ukrainian soldiers. (Picture source Social Network)

Citing military open sources, the Ukrainian army would have the possibility of creating a battalion of tanks equipped with different versions of T-62 MBTs captured from the Russian army. In recent months with the conflict in Ukraine, around 2,250 Russian army Main Battle Tanks (MBTs) would have been destroyed, damaged, or abandoned.

A few weeks ago the Russian army returned to service its old stocks of T-62 tanks including the T-62M and T-62MV versions due to the heavy losses of tanks in the combats in Ukraine. More than 800 T-62 tanks have also been modernized.

As of 7 October 2022, at least 17 T-62M and 2 T-62MV tanks have been captured from Russian forces by Ukrainian forces. All T-62 tanks in Ukraine's current military inventory have been captured during the Russian - Ukraine War 2022.

The development of the Soviet-made T-62 MBT started in the 1950s and the first tank entered into service with the Russian army in 1962. it was first seen in public during a parade held in Moscow in May 1965. Production of the T-62 tanks continued in the Soviet Union until 1975 by which time about 20,000 tanks had been completed. It was produced for export in Czechoslovakia between 1973 and 1978 with approximately 1,500 built. It was also produced in North Korea for home and export markets.

Since the T-62 was accepted for service in 1962 it has been modernized featuring more mobility, firepower, and protection. The T-62M version was one of the most produced versions by the Russian defense industry, it is also now widely used by Russian troops deployed in Ukraine.

Ukraine army is now able to form one T 62 tank battalion thanks to tanks capture from Russian army 925 002
Russian army T-62M main battle tank (Picture source Army Recognition)

The T-62M keeps the same armament as the original T-62 tank consisting of a U-5TS (2A20) 115 mm smoothbore two-axis stabilized gun fitted with a bore evacuator An integral spent shell ejection system, activated by the recoil of the gun, ejects the empty cartridge case out of the turret through a trapdoor in the turret rear.

The tank carries a total of 40 rounds of 115 mm with two ready rounds kept in the turret, one round by the gunner's feet, one by the loader's feet, 16 in the forward part of the tank to the right of the driver and 20 in the rear of the fighting compartment. The second armament includes one 7.62 mm PKT machine gun mounted coaxially to the right of the main armament. A 12.7 mm DShKM MG machine gun can be mounted on the commander's cupola for the latest version of the T-62 variants.

In terms of protection, the T-62M is fitted with additional armor mounted to the glacis plate and around the forward part of the turret consisting of steel with an additional layer of polyurethane inside. Additional armor is fitted under the forward part of the hull and a steel frame is provided between the floor and roof of the driver's compartment to help absorb the shock of a mine exploding under the vehicle.

Ukraine army is now able to form one T 62 tank battalion thanks to tanks capture from Russian army 925 003
Russian army T-62MV main battle tank (Picture source Army Recognition)

The T-62MV is an upgrade version of the T-62M which is equipped with the Sheksna laser-guided missile system and R-173 communication system. It keeps the same armament as the T-62M. The tank is motorized with a V-55U Diesel engine developing 620 hp at 2,000 rpm.

The protection of the T-62MV has been strengthened with the addition of ERA (Explosive Reactive Armor) mounted at the front and sides of the hull as well as around the turret.

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