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Ukraine deploys new Bohdana 4.0 155mm howitzer on Tatra Phoenix chassis

According to Praise The Steph on February 19, 2024, the Ukrainian 47th Separate Artillery Brigade has recently introduced the new 2S22 Bohdana 4.0 into active service. This updated version of the 2S22 Bohdana is mounted on a Czech Tatra 158 Phoenix 8x8 chassis and features a semi-automatic loader. Currently, the Ukrainian army possesses four variants of the Bohdana 155mm self-propelled howitzer (1.0, 2.0, 3.0, and 4.0).
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Similar to the 2.0 variant, this 4.0 version is outfitted with an armored cabin entirely designed and manufactured in Ukraine by the company Ukrarmor. (Picture source: AFU Land Forces Commander Facebook Page)

Similar to the 2.0 variant, this 4.0 version is outfitted with an armored cabin entirely designed and manufactured in Ukraine by the company Ukrainian Armor, also known as Ukrarmor. As evidenced by a video shared by Ukrainian Front on February 15, 2024, these cabins have demonstrated resilience against explosions, such as those caused by Russian ZALA Lancet kamikaze drones, saving the lives of Ukrainian crew members.

As reported by Praise The Steph, Ukrainian soldiers have expressed satisfaction with the use of Tatra chassis, as demonstrated by the use of Tatra 815-7 (Force) chassis for both the Bohdana 3.0 self-propelled howitzer and the Bureviya 220 mm Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS).

Due to capacity constraints at the Tatra factory, already booked for the next two years, the Ukrainian Army sought an interim solution. For the Bohdana 4.0 howitzers, Ukraine sources Tatra Phoenix 8x8 chassis from the civilian market, previously popular in Ukraine primarily within the mining industry. Subsequently, the original soft cab is replaced with a Ukrainian armored cab, and the classic Bohdana superstructure is installed. Post-war, Ukrainian Armed Forces plan to outfit the 4.0 with new Tatra chassis sourced from 815-7 Force and possibly Phoenix models.

The Tatra Phoenix truck, available in axle configurations of 4x4, 6x6, 8x8, and 10x10, has been a part of Tatra's lineup since 2011, developed in collaboration with DAF Trucks N.V. This partnership aimed to merge Tatra's chassis technology, featuring independent swinging half axles suspended by air, with DAF's cabin designs and PACCAR MX engines. The result is a versatile vehicle capable of addressing diverse needs across multiple sectors.

Manufactured in the Czech Republic, the Tatra 158 Phoenix is engineered to serve various purposes, with its axle configurations catering to both civilian and military applications. The introduction of water-cooled PACCAR MX engines compliant with Euro III, Euro V, and Euro VI emissions standards provides robust power output of up to 375 kW (503 hp), ensuring efficiency and performance across different environments.

The Phoenix stands out with its off-road capabilities, boasting an approach angle of 31°, making it well-suited for rugged terrains. Recognized for its design and functionality, the vehicle has received recognition in competitions such as the European Truck of the Year 2012 and exhibitions like the Silva Regina 2012 exhibit. With updated cabins featuring new designs by DAF and various gearbox options, including manual, automated, and full automatic, the Phoenix offers adaptability to different driving conditions. Its signature backbone chassis concept, coupled with independent suspension on all wheels, enhances durability, reduces stress on the superstructure and cargo, and facilitates the fitting of various superstructures, ensuring versatility across civilian, defense, and military applications.

The 2S22 Bohdana is equipped with a single 155mm NATO standard cannon located at the rear of the truck chassis. This cannon can fire High-explosive incendiary/armor-piercing ammunition (HEIAP) within a range of 35 to 40 km and Rocket-assisted projectile (RAP) within a range of 45 to 60 km, achieving a maximum rate of fire of 6 rounds per minute. The truck has a capacity to carry a total of 20 rounds of ammunition and associated charges, stored in boxes on each side of the chassis.

The original 2S22 Bohdana 1.0 is built on a KrAZ 63221 6×6 high-mobility truck chassis, manufactured by Ukrainian AutoKrAZ, with a total weight of 28,000 kg. It was first showcased in 2018 during the Kyiv Independence Day Parade and underwent initial firing and trial tests in October 2021. Since the start of the war, Ukraine's armed forces have introduced two additional variants: the 2.0 model mounted on MAZ chassis in July 2023, and the 3.0 model on Tatra Force chassis in September 2023.


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