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Ukraine plans to purchase 1 000 Swedish-made CV90 Mk IV infantry fighting vehicles

In an interesting development reported by Ukrainian media and echoed by, Ukraine has unleashed its audacious scheme to procure Swedish CV90 infantry fighting vehicles. Brace yourselves for the jaw-dropping revelation: Kyiv has its sights firmly set on acquiring a mind-boggling 1,000 of these cutting-edge war combat vehicles, and it won't be doing it alone.
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BAE Systems CV90 Mk IV Infantry Fighting Vehicle. (Picture source: BAE Systems)

During the last "Ramstein" meeting of the contact group on Ukraine that took place in Brussels on June 16, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia inked a joint declaration. Defense ministers Oleksiy Reznikov (Ukraine), Jarna Cernochova (Czech Republic), and Martin Sklenar (Slovakia) announced their collaboration for the acquisition and operation of Swedish-made CV90 Mk IV tracked infantry fighting vehicles.

This agreement mandates the countries to share critical information on their procurement plans, operational strategies, and even production preparations regarding the Swedish infantry fighting vehicles. Ukraine, together with the Czech Republic and Slovakia, plans to flex its military might by acquiring and deploying up to 1,000 CV90 MK IVs.

Kiev asserts that the CV90 ranks among the best infantry fighting vehicles. With its eyes set on future membership in the NATO alliance, Ukraine is determined to arm itself with nothing less than the absolute best in armored vehicles.

As of now, the Armed Forces of Ukraine possess a mere 50 CV9040С infantry fighting vehicles, provided as military assistance from the Swedish army. However, the nation's appetite for power knows no bounds. In a remarkable development, the Swedish experts have successfully trained Ukrainian crews to operate this formidable combat vehicle, completing the rigorous training program from March to May. A new era of Ukrainian warfare has begun.

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