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Ukrainian Airlogix drone manufacturer looking for investors to further develop reconnaissance UAV Hor

According to reports from the Ukrainian website, the manufacturing company Airlogix has successfully created the "Hor" reconnaissance drone to cater to the requirements of the Defense Forces. The inaugural test flight of the initial UAV prototype took place in May 2022, as stated by ArmiyaInform.
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After successfully passing examinations, the "Hor" reconnaissance drone received official clearance for deployment within the Ukrainian Armed Forces (Picture source:

Vitaliy, the CEO of Airlogix, a prominent Ukrainian manufacturing firm, mentioned that the initial prototypes of the UAV "Hor" were dispatched for field assessment as early as August 2022. The initial feedback from the military was somewhat mixed, but Airlogix diligently addressed these issues through gradual improvements.

The company transitioned from using foam to employing composite materials in the drone's construction. Subsequently, Airlogix refined the UAV's design to achieve the form it boasts today. Notable enhancements were made to the drone's internal components, including communication systems and a GNS receiver. Furthermore, advanced optics, featuring a top-tier camera available in today's market, were integrated.

Subsequent to these developments, the drone underwent rigorous testing in the face of electronic warfare (EW) conditions. Vitaliy explains, "We conducted assessments to ensure our systems were resilient, and the tests demonstrated that our operations were not susceptible to disruption by EW. These tests were completed by December 2022."

According to the CEO, after successfully passing supplementary examinations, the "Hor" drone received official clearance for deployment within the Armed Forces. He adds, "Military personnel using our 'Mountain' variant at the frontlines report conducting over 70 sorties on a single aircraft to facilitate artillery adjustments, with 30 sorties executed within a mere two-week span. Our drone remains unaffected by enemy EW interference. In case of any malfunctions, the military sends the drone back to us for repairs, and we promptly return it to them."

The primary role of the Hor drone is reconnaissance and artillery adjustment. The UAV boasts a flight endurance of 2 to 2.5 hours and a maximum range of 150 km. It can be controlled and communicate within a radius of 30 to 40 km. The drone's operational altitude reaches up to 3,500 meters. The system encompasses three drones and a central control station. The reconnaissance drone is equipped with both day and night cameras and is fully powered by electric propulsion.

Airlogix is actively engaged in discussions with foreign investors, aiming to foster the technological and commercial advancement of the Hor drone.

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news
The primary role of the Hor drone is reconnaissance and artillery adjustment (Picture source:

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