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Ukrainian army receives armored Snatch Land Rovers from Serhiy Prytula Charity Foundation

Ukrainian volunteers have successfully transported Snatch Land Rover armored vehicles to the military, as announced by the Serhiy Prytula Charity Foundation, echoed by Militarnyi. The initial shipment consisted of five Snatch Land Rovers, with plans to dispatch a total of 30 such vehicles. The foundation shared, "In early November, we informed about the contracted batch of wheeled and tracked armored vehicles, and the initial five out of the 30 Snatch Land Rovers have already been delivered."
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Snatch Land Rovers delivered to the Ukrainian military in January 2024 (Picture source: Serhiy Prytula Charity Foundation)

The foundation's experts undertook modifications to these armored Land Rovers to enhance the interior space for accommodating more personnel. These vehicles were allocated to various military units, including the 15th Separate Mountain Assault Battalion, 25th Airborne Brigade, Azov Brigade, and 233rd Territorial Defense Battalion.

The Snatch Land Rover, a protected patrol vehicle built on the Land Rover Defender 110 Heavy Duty Chassis, is a militarized version of the Defender 110, which is also employed as the Land Rover Wolf. Initially procured by the British Army for use in Northern Ireland, it made its debut in 1992.

Officially known as the Truck Utility Medium (TUM) with Vehicle Protection Kit (VPK) in the British Army, it is colloquially referred to as the "Snatch," a name believed to have originated from its use during the Troubles when it was favored for snatch squads tasked with dealing with demonstrations and apprehending suspected ringleaders.

The "Snatch" was the first factory-modified Land Rover employed in Northern Ireland, replacing earlier improvised conversions like the protected Airportable Land Rover (Land Rover 1/2 ton Lightweight) and the 109" (known as the "piglet," a smaller version of the Humber Pig armored personnel carrier) widely used by British Forces in Northern Ireland.

Manufactured as the CAMAC CAV 100 by NP Aerospace, the "Snatch" conversion was developed with assistance from Ricardo and incorporates CAMAC composite armor to protect against kinetic energy projectiles and, to a limited extent, explosive devices. Its rated "combat weight" (excluding crew and weaponry) is 3,050 kg.

Several versions were produced, with the initial being the Snatch-1, equipped with a V8 petrol engine. Nearly 1,000 were manufactured, with 278 being modified for desert conditions and reclassified as the Snatch-1.5. Most were upgraded to later variants, including:

Snatch-2 12v, LHD, the basic training version.
Snatch-2A 24v, RHD, the "Rest of World variant."
Snatch-2B 24v, RHD, the Northern Ireland variant.

These later versions were retrofitted with "300 Tdi" diesel engines, and the Snatch-2A also featured air conditioning. Some Snatch 2 vehicles are currently undergoing further upgrades to the Snatch Vixen standard, with chassis and drivetrain enhancements to support a higher gross vehicle weight. Following remodeling by the Serhiy Prytula Charity Foundation, these vehicles can now accommodate 6 to 8 individuals.

These vehicles are expected to facilitate the secure transportation of items, ammunition, and equipment to strategic positions while ensuring the comfort and, most importantly, the safety of the personnel inside, protecting them from bullets, debris, and potential harm to their health or lives. It's worth noting that this is not the first time Ukrainian troops have received Snatch Land Rovers; in 2021, Latvia donated 7 Snatch Land Rover medical vehicles to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The Snatch Land Rover lightly armored vehicles were originally developed in the UK for patrolling during the Northern Ireland Troubles and were introduced as an upgrade to the Land Rover Defender in 1992.

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