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Ukrainian Forces destroy Russian Murom-M and Aistyonok surveillance radar systems

On December 15, 2023, the Defense Forces of Ukraine successfully destroyed a Russian Murom-M video long-range intelligence surveillance system and two Aistyonok radar stations. The operation was conducted by a drone belonging to the Code 9.2 unit of the 92nd Assault Brigade. This information was reported by Ukrinform and later confirmed by the Southern Defense Forces of Ukraine via Telegram.
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Russian Murom-M and Aistyonok surveillance radar systems. (Picture source: Ukraine MoD)

The destruction of these systems by Ukrainian forces carries multiple strategic implications. Firstly, it diminishes the Russian army's capability to monitor and respond to the movements of the Ukrainian army, thereby hampering their ability to conduct effective offensive operations. Furthermore, it reduces the enemy's ability to execute precise counter-battery strikes, thus granting the Ukrainian forces greater freedom of movement and action.

The neutralization of these surveillance and radar systems is a significant blow to Russia's operational capabilities in the region and represents a tactical victory for Ukraine. By continually targeting these advanced technological assets, Ukraine is gradually weakening the technological superiority of its adversary, a critical aspect in this prolonged conflict.

The Murom-M surveillance system, utilized by Russian forces, plays a vital role in modern warfare. It enables long-distance visual surveillance, crucial for monitoring enemy movements and devising military strategies. This Russian intelligence system, capable of remotely monitoring the activities of the Ukrainian armed forces, is particularly formidable due to its affordability and compactness, enhancing its widespread deployment. For optimal performance, the Murom-M is often mounted on high structures such as buildings, industrial complexes, and communication towers, thus maximizing its field of view.

The Aistyonok is a portable counter-battery radar developed by Almaz-Antey, designed for fire control and intelligence. This radar is capable of monitoring the positions of fire weapons (artillery, mortars, tactical missile launchers, etc.), calculating the trajectories of shells and rockets, and surveilling airspace. Already deployed by the Russian armed forces in Syria, the Aistyonok can detect moving ground targets up to 20 kilometers away, allowing for preemptive strikes against the enemy.


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