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Ukrainian Marines receive MEDEVAC HMMWV made by volunteers

The Ukrainian army received a medical evacuation vehicle developed by volunteer engineers from the Iron Nuts team based on the AM General HMMWV as part of their "Kabul" project, Militarnyi reports.
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HMMWV-based medevac vehicle in use by Ukrainian marines, November 2023 (Picture source: Iron Nuts)

Given its purpose, the vehicle is equipped with minimal medical equipment installed in the medical compartment. According to the developers, two-layer armor made of Hardox 500 steel was mounted on the original Humvee, which should withstand fire from 7.62 mm machine guns. Armored glass was also fitted, and the interior was lined with Kevlar fabric to protect against debris.

The developers noted that despite the high weight of the welded body and the equipment, they managed to "fit" into the weight restrictions set by AM General. The vehicle has received a reinforced rear axle from the factory designed for transporting heavy loads.

The medical compartment of the vehicle accommodates two lying wounded, as well as one medic. It is equipped with a heater, special lighting and all the necessary connectors for powering the equipment. A monitor is also placed inside, which will display indicators of medical equipment, for example, oxygen supply to the wounded.

The vehicle was transferred to one of the units of the Ukrainian marines and already used to evacuate wounded soldiers from the battlefield.

The Ukrainian scientific and industrial association Praktika is also developing a medical evacuation vehicle for the Ukrainian military based on the Kozak-2M1 serial armored vehicle.

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news
HMMWV converted to medevac role (Picture source: Iron Nuts)

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news
Medical compartment of the modified HMMWV (Picture source: Iron Nuts)

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news
Humvee converted to medevac role (Picture source: Iron Nuts)

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