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Ukrainian T-64BV Tank Triumphs Over Modernized Russian T-72B3 in Stunning Battlefield Upset

In a striking example of battlefield ingenuity and the enduring capability of older military hardware, an old Ukrainian T-64BV Main Battle Tank (MBT) accomplished a notable feat by destroying a modernized Russian T-72B3 tank. This incident has drawn attention to the T-64BV's continued relevance and effectiveness in modern warfare.
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Ukrainian army T-64BV Main Battle Tank MBT faces a Russian T-72B3 tank. (Picture source Video Footage)

The T-64BV, though older in design, can fire Armor-Piercing Fin-Stabilized Discarding Sabot (APFSDS) rounds and AT-8 Songster missiles. The APFSDS round is known for its high penetration capabilities, making it particularly effective against contemporary tank armor including ERA (Explosive Reactive Armor). The T-64BV's success in this engagement can be largely attributed to the use of these rounds, which are designed to penetrate heavy armor, something the T-72B3, despite its modernizations, is still vulnerable to.

Another factor contributing to the T-64BV's success is its experienced crew. In tank warfare, the skill and experience of the crew play a significant role in the effectiveness of the vehicle. Ukrainian tank crews have honed their skills in the ongoing conflict, combining their expertise with the T-64BV's capabilities to effectively engage and destroy more modern main battle tanks.

Furthermore, this incident highlights the dynamic nature of armored warfare, where technology and tactics continually evolve. The destruction of a T-72B3 by an older T-64BV tank serves as a reminder that in warfare, it's not just the age or the advanced technology of the equipment that matters, but also the strategy, tactics, and skill of the personnel operating it.

The Ukrainian forces' ability to use their existing arsenal effectively against more modern equipment is a testament to their adaptability and strategic acumen in the face of a technologically advanced adversary. This engagement underscores the fact that in the complex chess game of armored warfare, older equipment when used effectively, can still yield surprising and significant results.

Ukrainian T 64BV Tank Triumphs Over Modernized Russian T 72B3 in Stunning Battlefield Upset 925 002
The T-64BV entered into service with the Ukrainian army in 1976. (Picture source Wikimedia)

The T-64BV, a main battle tank originally from the Soviet era, has been significantly enhanced over the years, incorporating advanced features in both its firepower and fire control system that ensure its continued relevance in modern warfare.

In terms of firepower, the T-64BV is equipped with a powerful 125mm smoothbore gun, capable of firing a variety of ammunition including Armor-Piercing Fin-Stabilized Discarding Sabot (APFSDS), High-Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT), and High-Explosive Fragmentation (HE-Frag) rounds. The APFSDS rounds, in particular, are known for their high velocity and exceptional armor-piercing capabilities, making the T-64BV a formidable opponent against modern armored vehicles. Alongside its primary armament, the tank also features secondary armaments, including a coaxial machine gun and a heavy machine gun mounted on the turret, which enhances its capability in engaging infantry and low-flying aircraft.

The fire control system of the T-64BV is a key aspect of its combat effectiveness. It includes a computerized IG43 fire-control system, which enhances targeting accuracy and engagement efficiency. The tank is also equipped with thermal sights for both the tank commander and the gunner, specifically the TPN-1-TPV Ukrainian night sights. These thermal sights significantly improve the tank's operational capability in low-light conditions, allowing for effective engagement of targets regardless of the time of day.

Additionally, the T-64BV features a two-axis stabilized IG42 laser rangefinder sight and a 1V517 tank ballistic computer. These systems work together to provide accurate range information and ballistic calculations, essential for precise targeting. The tank's main gun is stabilized on two planes using a 2Eh26M armament stabilizer, allowing for accurate fire while on the move. This capability is crucial in dynamic combat situations, where mobility and firing accuracy are key to survival and effectiveness on the battlefield.

Ukrainian T 64BV Tank Triumphs Over Modernized Russian T 72B3 in Stunning Battlefield Upset 925 003
The first Russian-made T-72B3 Main Battle Tank was delivered to the Russian army in 2010. (Picture source Vitaly Kuzmin)

The Russian T-72B3 is a modernized version of the classic T-72 main battle tank, representing a significant upgrade in terms of firepower, protection, and mobility. This tank is equipped with a powerful 125mm 2A46M-5 smoothbore gun, capable of firing a range of ammunition including high-explosive anti-tank (HEAT) and armor-piercing fin-stabilized discarding sabot (APFSDS) rounds. The firepower is further enhanced with a coaxial 7.62mm PKTM machine gun and a 12.7mm NSVT anti-aircraft machine gun. The T-72B3's main gun is complemented by an automatic loader, reducing crew requirements and increasing the rate of fire.

In terms of protection and technology, the T-72B3 features significant advancements. It is equipped with Kontakt-5 explosive reactive armor (ERA), improving its resilience against anti-tank weapons. The tank's mobility is boosted by a more powerful 840-1130 horsepower engine, depending on the variant, enabling better maneuverability and speed in diverse terrains. The T-72B3 also includes modernized systems like the Sosna-U gunner sight, integrated thermal imaging, and an improved fire control system that enhances target acquisition and engagement accuracy. These upgrades make the T-72B3 a formidable opponent on the modern battlefield, combining legacy design with contemporary military technology.

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