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US HIMARS rocket launchers in Ukraine show formidable efficiency against the Russian forces

Citing information released by the Ukrainian army, the M142 HIMARS MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System) systems donated by the United States are making an impact on the conflict in Ukraine. According to Ukrainian sources, the rockets fired by the HIMARS would have destroyed two ammunition depots of the Russian army.
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Ukrainian army HIMARS M142 MLRS Multiple Launch Rocket Systems. (Picture source Facebook General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine)

The M142 HIMARS MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System) allows for the launching of multiple, precision-guided rockets. Already, the U.S. had provided eight of the systems to Ukraine and last week promised to send an additional four, for a total of 12 of the systems.

During a background briefing today at the Pentagon, a senior military official said the Defense Department believes the HIMARS are having an indirect, but significant impact on the front line operations.

Large areas of the Kherson region were seized by the Russians in the first weeks of the invasion, but Ukrainian forces launched a counter-offensive while Russia focused on its military push into Ukrainian territory in the east. Near Kharkiv, the U.S. official said, the Department assesses that the Ukrainians are continuing to defeat Russian attempts to gain ground. The same is also true in the vicinity of Sloviansk.

In the last days, Ukraine said it had killed another Russian commander after HIMARS missiles struck a Russian command and control center in the southern Kherson region.

Citing information published by the Newsweek website, on July 9, Ukrainian presidential adviser and peace talks negotiator Mykhailo Podolyak named HIMARS as one of three weapons Ukraine needs to turn the tide of Putin's war in Ukraine, as clashes intensified in the battle for the country's eastern Donbas region.

Currently, the M142 HIMARS is one the most efficient rocket launcher system in the world, in fact, it has a maximum firing range of 70 km and can fire guided missile rockets. it offers more accuracy that Soviet-made BM-21, BM-27, and BM-30 MLRS. HIMARS can achieve ranges of 70-plus kilometers, attacking the target with low-collateral damage, enabling danger-close fires (within 200 meters) in support of friendly troops in contact, as well as engaging high-valued point targets in open, urban, and complex environments.

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