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Syrian governmental forces get IMR-2M engineering vehicles 52207165

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Syrian governmental forces get IMR-2M engineering vehicles
The Syrian governmental forces have received a batch of Russian IMR-2M armoured engineering vehicles, according to the local media outlets.
"IMR-2M armoured engineering vehicles have been supplied to support T-90, T-72, T-62, and Type 59 main battle tanks (MBT) of the Syrian governmental forces. IMR-2Ms revealed their combat potential during the conflicts in Afghanistan and Chechnya. The vehicle was assisting the Soviet Armed Forces in the works to liquidate the implications of the Chernobyl man-made disaster. At present, IMR-2Ms are contributing to the fighting against international terrorism in Syria. The governmental forces have a shortage of armoured engineering vehicles that would be able to support armour units in combat. The troops of Bashar al-Assad are using crudely armoured bulldozers, excavators, and auto-loaders to get engineer support on the battlefield. Hence, the aforementioned IMR-2M vehicles will be a valuable combat asset. Syrian governmental forces have been intensively using IMR-2Ms against terrorist in the Aleppo province," the Syrian media outlets said.

The IMR-2M armoured engineering vehicle is based on the T-72 MBT. It has a combat weight of 44.5 t, a maximum road speed of 59 km/h, a power-to-weight ratio of 18.9 h.p./t, a range of 500 km, a mine clearance speed of 10 km/h, and a radiation-hazard attenuation factor of 10. IMR-2M is powered by V-84-1 (840 h.p.) V12 diesel engine. The vehicle is equipped with a U-dozer blade and a jib-type crane that has a lifting capacity of 2 t. IMR-2M is armed with a Kalashnikov PKT machinegun chambered for 7.62x54Rmm cartridge. The vehicle has received a suite of nuclear, biological, chemical, and radiation (NBCR) protection equipment.
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