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ADASI from UAE has developed RASH 2M to convert mortar ammunition to precision-guided munition

The UAE-based company ADASI, a subdivision of EDGE, has developed and designed the RASH 2M, a kit to convert mortar ammunition to precision-guided munition. ADASI has secured a contract of $15 million to supply Rash 2 to the UAE Armed Forces, marking the first order of the newly launched product.
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The UAE-based company ADASI has developed the RASH 2M, a kit to convert mortar ammunition to precision-guided munition. (Picture source Army Recognition)

The RASH precision-guided munitions is a family of modern glider systems featuring advanced automation and communication technology. This system is modular, low-cost, and highly configurable to fit onto most existing aircraft systems. Each control hub supports up to 24 glider kits allowing users maximum flexibility during the retrofit process.

The RASH system is ideal for swiftly engaging unexpected small to medium-sized threats during patrol missions, accurately eliminating high-value threats and border security.

During IDEX 2021, International Defense Exhibition that was held in Abu Dhabi, UAE in February 2021, ADASI has unveiled its RASH 2M, a fixed-wing guidance kit for mortars and other in-house designed payloads, capable of gliding in flight and directing munitions to ground targets, available in different sizes to accommodate varying payload capacity, range, and endurance.

Compact enough for integration into most tactical unmanned and manned aerial platforms (rotary and fixed-wing), this modern glider system features advanced automation and communication technologies. It can support up to 24 precision-guided munitions, giving users maximum flexibility during the retrofit process.

The RASH kit consists of mortar ammunition fitted with a flight kit and guided system that has a total weight of 14.5 kg, a wingspan of 1.0 m, and can be launched from a maximum altitude of 25,000 feet. The precision-guided munition is launched like a Joint Direct Attack Munition, after which the stowed wing extends to provide the glide lift.

The goal of the RASH kit is to extend the range of standard mortar ammunition to more than 3 times the existing capability and to also give an accuracy of 3 - 7 meters over that extended distance. It can be used in fully autonomous mode using a GPS INS guidance system. The precision-guided munition can hit a target at a maximum distance of 18.2 km launched from an altitude of 20,000 feet

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