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Algerian army has developed new anti-tank armored vehicle based on French AML

The technical institute of Algerian armed forces has developed a new anti-tank wheeled armored vehicle based on French wheeled armored vehicle AML-60 which is also in service with the Algerian army. A picture was released on Twitter showing modified AML vehicles fitted with Russian anti-tank missile launchers systems.

Algerian army has developed new anti tank armored vehicle based on French AML 925 001
Refurbished and upgraded AML armored vehicle of the Algerian army armed with AT-5 anti-tank missiles. (Picture source: Twitter @Ninja998998) 

According to our first analysis, the turret of the original AML series was removed and replaced by a new rectangular turret with two anti-tank missile launchers mounted on each side. The driver position is also modified, the single hatch is replaced by three bulletproof windows offering a large view at the front and on the sides. According to Menadefense website, the vehicle could be armed with Russian-made AT-5 or Kornet anti-tank missiles.

The AT-5 Spandrel also named in Russia as 9M113 Konkurs is a Russian-made SACLOS (Semi-automatic command to line of sight) wire-guided anti-tank missile. The missile entered service in 1974. The original 9M113 with a single-charge warhead can penetrate 600 mm and has an operational range from 70 to 4,000 m.

The 9M133 Kornet (NATO reporting name AT-14 Spriggan, export designation Kornet-E) is a modern Russian man-portable anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) able to destroy main battle tanks. It was first introduced into service with the Russian Army in 1998.

The Kornet comes in variants with thermobaric warheads for use against soft targets. It was further developed into the 9M133 Kornet-EM, which has increased range, fire-and-forget capability, and an improved warhead. The first version of Kornet missile has a range from 100 to 5,500m while the Kornet-EM has a maximum firing range of 10,000 m with Thermobaric warhead.

The AML is a French-made wheeled armored designed and manufactured by the Company Panhard and first production vehicles were delivered to the French Army in 1961. The total French Army buy was 210 AML 90s and 425 AML 60-7s; the French Gendarmerie bought 70 AML 60-7s and 45 AML 90s. The Panhard AML light armored vehicles were phased out of front-line service with the French Army early in 1990.

Old Panhard AML-90 armored vehicles were sold or offered to hundreds of units in the 1960s and 1970s to African countries allied to France. The AML families of armored vehicles were upgraded in different variants. In June 2018, during Eurosatory defense Exhibition in Paris, French Company SOFEMA has presented a refurbished, modified and upgraded version of the AML-90 in collaboration with Thales. The work is carried on the motorization, drive train, fire control system, digitalized combat management system, air cooling, and communication system. The cost of such retrofitted vehicles amounts to about one-third of a new one. SOFEMA is particularly specialized in refurbishing and, following the customer’s request, upgrading obsolete French military vehicles whose basic structure remains remarkably adapted to developing countries with a low defense budget.

AML-60 and AML-90 armored vehicles continue to remain in service in many armed forces in Asia and Africa.

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