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China: features of PLA latest combat camouflage uniforms

On the afternoon of October 31, Senior Colonel Wu Qian, Director General of the Information Office of China's Ministry of National Defense (MND) and Spokesperson for the MND, revealed that the PLA will distribute new combat camouflage uniforms and individual combat equipment to all the army units in succession as planned. Based on the Type-07 camo, improvement has been applied to the new uniform in terms of color, patterns, fabrics and military accessories.

China features of PLA latest combat camouflage uniforms 

The new combat camouflage uniforms were unveiled on Oct.1, 2019 during the military parade celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China (Picture source:

The new combat camouflage uniforms, worn by the officers and soldiers participating in the National Day parade this year, were featured different new patterns and colors, which could be divided into five categories according the environment they will adapt to, including woodland, wilderness, jungle, city, and desert, so that they could be integrated into various topography and geomorphology both at home and abroad. Zoom in and you will find that they are covered with masses of small color dots looked like stars, which are obviously much smaller than those of the digital color blocks on the old-fashioned uniforms.

Besides, the new-style camo also has three main features:

Firstly, it features better concealment. The new camouflage pattern looks like the starry sky because it is completely made up of unrecognizable tiny digital grids, which are much more delicate compared with the traditional camouflage pattern. New camo will look different at distance and in close range in actual combat, but seeing from any distance, it will make it much easier for the human body to be camouflaged into the combat environment, providing much better concealment. The matching helmet, tactical gloves, combat vest, and military boots are also with the same camouflage patterns, with a view to improving their concealment.

Secondly, the new camouflage combat uniforms are no longer divided according to the military service. Instead, they’re divided according to actual terrains: woodland, wilderness, desert, and city. The troops shall have corresponding camouflage uniforms depending on the terrain of the battlefield, and this will surely reduce the burden of the logistics, and effectively guarantee the comprehensive offensive and defensive operations across the entire territory.

Finally, it has better practicality. In addition to concealment, the new camo also has better practicality. The stand-collar will be more windproof and dustproof. The top flight of the jacket is sealed with a quick-opening zipper, convenient for the soldiers to put on or take off in a short time. The chest pocket is designed in an irregular shape with an oblique socket to facilitate the placement of items in the field.

In addition, the new camouflage combat uniforms have rank and name badges on the chest. In wartime, the badge of officer or soldier shall not be spotted from a distance once he/she gets down, very conducive to concealment or lurking. While it’s easy for him/her with the eye-catching badges on the chest to be identified in peacetime, and it’s very convenient to wear.

The new combat camouflage uniforms are designed and developed independently by China. The Chinese officers and soldiers with the new uniforms on have stricken a pose on the stage of military parade for the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China with a high-spirited, positive and upward attitude, displaying the spirit of the PLA military to countries across the world in the new era.


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