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Discover Yugoimport from Serbia: A Global Leader in Production of Modern Defense Products

Yugoimport–SDPR, officially known as Yugoimport–SDPR J.P., is a Serbian state-owned company specializing in the manufacturing and trading of defense-related equipment. The company's product range is diverse, encompassing armored vehicles, artillery systems, light trainer aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and small-caliber ammunition. Some of its notable products include the Nora B-52 self-propelled howitzer, Lazar and Miloš multi-role armored vehicles, Lasta 95 light trainer aircraft, Pegaz drone, and Premax 39 river patrol boat.
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The Serbian Defense Company Yugoimport develops and manufactures a wide range of defense products including radars, missiles, artillery systems, armored vehicles, rocket launchers, and more. (Picture source Army Recognition Group)

Yugoimport's business activities extend beyond manufacturing. It is actively involved in arms export and import, engineering services, and has shown a significant presence in the global defense market. The company prides itself on customizing equipment and offering collaborative design solutions, adhering to its business slogan "Our Vision. Your Defense. Mutual Choice."

As a major player in the Serbian defense industry, Yugoimport collaborates closely with over 200 companies registered in the defense field. The company's participation in global and regional defense exhibitions has been a key strategy in promoting its products and the broader Serbian defense industry.

In terms of Radar systems, Yugoimport has launched a modernization program for the P-12/18 early warning radars designed for automatic target detection, range finding, and automatic tracking.

The modernization of the P-12/18 radar systems by Yugoimport, a Serbian state-owned defense company, reflects significant advancement in radar technology and capabilities. The P-18 radar, initially a development of the earlier P-12 radar, has undergone significant improvements as part of its modernization. These improvements have efficiently enhanced the radar's detection performance, featuring automatic tracking capability and the ability to receive data from other radar sensors. The modernized P-18ML is notably used by the Ukrainian armed forces.

One of the key advancements in the modernized P-18 radar includes the development of a digital data receiver by the Serbian company Iritel, which can be used for both P-12 and P-18 radar modernization. This receiver allows for remote control of the radar using optical cable at distances from 100 to 500 meters, significantly enhancing operational flexibility and efficiency. The Serbian Air Force and Air Defence have employed this set for their modernized P-12 and P-18 radar.

In addition to these technical enhancements, the modernized radar systems also boast features like largely simplified maintenance and minimum cost of ownership. This focus on cost-effectiveness without compromising on technological advancement underscores the strategic approach of Yugoimport in upgrading its defense equipment.

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The Nova is a new generation of anti-tank guided missiles fully designed and developed by the Serbian company Yugoimport. (Picture source Army Recognition Group)

The Nova missile system, developed by the Serbian state-owned company Yugoimport, is a light attack guided missile system that was showcased at various defense exhibitions including IDEF 2021. The system is primarily designed for missions against a range of targets including tanks, armored vehicles, fortifications, command posts, low-flying helicopters, coastal ships, industrial facilities, and bridges. This versatility makes the Nova missile a multipurpose weapon suitable for diverse combat scenarios.

The Nova missile can be mounted on various platforms such as helicopters, armored vehicles, or small ships, allowing for flexible deployment in different operational contexts. The system includes missiles in containers, a launching mechanism, and a ground control station equipped with a radio link. A launcher station can be configured with two containers, each holding one missile ready to fire. The loaded containers collectively weigh about 86 kg. When mounted on a vehicle, the missile is controlled by a ground station, and a ruggedized tablet is used for the portable version.

The Nova missile's guidance system is based on a video/infrared homing head and is linked to the launcher via a radio connection. The missile can follow a ballistic trajectory or a low-altitude path to the target area. During its flight, the missile transmits images from its homing head to the ground control station, where the operator selects and locks onto the target. The missile has a range of 0.5 to 7 km and can penetrate 1,000 mm of Explosive Reactive Armor (ERA).

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Yugoimport offers new upgrades of old Soviet-made Malyutka anti-tank guided missiles. (Picture source Army Recognition Group)

The modernization of the Malyutka anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) by Yugoimport, a Serbian state-owned company, represents a significant upgrade to this classic Soviet-era missile system. Initially, the Malyutka was a manual command to line of sight (MCLOS) system, where the operator had to guide the missile towards the target using a joystick. The modernization process has transformed this guidance system into a semi-automatic command-to-line-of-sight (SACLOS) system, making it much easier to operate, especially under stress on the battlefield. This shift from MCLOS to SACLOS significantly enhances the missile's combat effectiveness.

The upgraded versions of the Malyutka missile include the Malyutka 2F, equipped with a new 2.5 kg thermobaric warhead, and the Malyutka 2T, featuring a tandem warhead. The Malyutka 2F is intended for the destruction of fortified targets and troops, while the Malyutka 2T is designed to neutralize and destroy main battle tanks and other combat vehicles equipped with modern armor configurations and explosive reactive armor (ERA). The Malyutka 2T can penetrate over 800 mm of rolled homogeneous armor (RHA) after defeating the ERA with its precursor charge. These upgrades, including improvements in the warhead and guidance system, make the Malyutka missiles more effective against a variety of modern battlefield threats. Additionally, the modernized versions have a maximum range of 3 km, with the Malyutka 2T having a slightly longer length and weight due to its advanced warhead.

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The Milosh 2 is an enhanced version of the Milosh 1 4x4 armored vehicle offering more payload and protection. (Picture source source Army Recognition)

The Milosh 2, an upgraded version of the Milosh 1, is a state-of-the-art 4x4 armored vehicle developed by the Serbian defense company Yugoimport. It represents a significant advancement in armored vehicle technology, designed to compete with other contemporary armored vehicles in its class globally.

The Milosh 2 features an increased payload capacity of 2,500 kg, compared to the 1,200 kg payload of its predecessor. This enhancement allows the vehicle to integrate a heavy turret and accommodate up to 10 military personnel, which is an increase from the previous capacity of 8 in Milosh 1. The Milosh 2 also boasts enhanced protection, meeting Level 2 STANAG 4569 standards for ballistic protection and Level 2A/2B for mine protection. The vehicle's design enables it to perform a wide range of missions for both police and military operations, emphasizing a self-supporting hull, modern drive, transmission assemblies, and an independent suspension system, ensuring exceptional mobility across various terrains and weather conditions.

Notably, the Milosh 2 can be configured for multiple roles, including patrol and reconnaissance missions, command vehicle roles, support for special operations units, and participation in anti-guerrilla, anti-terrorism, and anti-tank operations, as well as border and territorial control missions. The vehicle's adaptability is further enhanced by the potential to be fitted with various weapon systems, including a 20mm automatic cannon, a 7.62mm machine gun, a 30mm automatic grenade launcher, smoke-grenade dischargers, and launchers for modernized versions of anti-tank guided missiles.

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The NORA B-52 NG New Generation is the latest variant of wheeled self-propelled howitzer in the NORA family. (Picture source Army Recognition)

The NORA B-52 NG, developed by the Serbian defense company Yugoimport, represents a significant advancement in the field of artillery systems. As a cutting-edge, fully automated, 155 mm self-propelled gun howitzer, it boasts a high level of autonomy and enhanced operational capabilities. The NORA B-52 NG is designed to provide powerful and rapid fire support against strategically significant targets at great distances.

One of the most notable features of the NORA B-52 NG, compared to its predecessors, is the capacity of its automatic loader. The loader's capacity has been increased from 12 to 30 projectiles and powder charges, significantly boosting its firepower. This modern artillery system is modular, allowing for various configurations based on user requirements. It is mounted on a 8x8 chassis, with the weapon module operated from the driver’s cabin, effectively making it a 155 mm remotely controlled weapon station (RCWS).

In terms of technical specifications, the NORA B-52 NG's barrel length is 52 calibers. It has a maximum range of 32.5 km with an Extended Range Full Bore (ERFB) projectile, 41.5 km with an ERFB Base Bleed (BB) projectile, and up to 52 km with a Velocity Enhanced Artillery Projectile (V-LAP). Additionally, it is capable of Multiple Round Simultaneous Impact (MRSI) operations, firing three rounds at a target 30 km away. The loading process is fully automatic, with a manual mode as a backup in case of failure. The combat set includes 30 projectiles in the automatic loader plus six stored on the vehicle. The field of fire is 30 degrees in azimuth, and it is ready to fire within 60 seconds from emplacement. The combat mass of the system is up to 40 tons, with dimensions in the marching position being 2.62 m in length and 3.9 m in height. The maximum rate of fire is four rounds per minute, and the system is equipped with an inertial navigation system (INS), and a back-up satellite navigation (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo). The crew consists of four members positioned in the driver’s cabin.

The NORA B-52 NG's advanced capabilities and flexibility make it a formidable weapon system for modern warfare, capable of delivering effective and precise artillery support over long distances. This system is an example of Yugoimport's commitment to developing sophisticated military technology that meets the evolving demands of modern battlefields.

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The Tamnava is a multi-caliber MLRS Multiple Launch Rocket System fully designed and developed by the Serbian company Yugoimport. (Picture source Army Recognition Group)

The Tamnava Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS), developed by the Serbian defense company Yugoimport SDPR, is a notable addition to the artillery capabilities of the Serbian Armed Forces. Introduced in 2020, Tamnava is distinguished by its modular design and multi-caliber capability. The system is mounted on a KAMAZ 6560 8x8 heavy truck and is composed of sub-systems including the vehicle, launcher superstructure, launch modules, a hoisting device, an automatic system with drives, and a fire control system.

Tamnava's modular containers can utilize both 122mm and 262mm rockets. The system has the flexibility of being armed with two launched modules of 122mm (containing 24 rockets each) and two modules of 262mm (with 6 rockets each). When equipped solely with 122mm rockets, the system can carry a total of 48 rockets. The MLRS is capable of carrying two spare 122mm launch pods, and the units lock the rockets during movement while also providing direction during the launch.

The system's technical specifications are impressive. It has a maximum firing range of 70 km for the 262mm rockets and 40 km for the 122mm rockets. The MLRS is fully automated and equipped with GPS and INS, allowing for completely autonomous operations and the execution of programmed combat missions. The system's design enables it to accept two spare launchers containing 122mm missiles, and the charging and discharging of the containers are facilitated by a mounted crane on the platform.

The Tamnava MLRS represents a significant advancement in artillery technology, offering flexibility, high firepower, and mobility. Its modularity and multi-caliber capability make it a versatile system capable of addressing a variety of tactical situations.

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