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French army conducts trial tests with new Serval 4x4 armored vehicle in winter conditions

The French army conducts trial tests with the new Serval 4x4 armored vehicles in winter conditions. The first batch of Serval armored vehicles was delivered to the French army in May 2022.
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The French army conducts trial tests of new Serval 4x4 armored vehicles in winter conditions. (Picture source French Army)

The Serval light armored multi-role vehicle (VBMR-L) was developed by the French companies Nexter, Thales, and Texelis to deliver a new generation of 4x4 armored vehicles to the French Army under the Scorpion program.

The DGA (French Army procurement agency) placed an order for the first batch of 364 Serval vehicles in December 2020. It is planned that the French army will receive 978 Serval Scorpion vehicles by the end of 2030.

The French Army's Scorpion Program is a modernization effort aimed at replacing aging equipment and enhancing the army's capabilities. The Scorpion Program includes a range of armored vehicles such as the Griffon Armored Vehicle, the Jaguar Reconnaissance and Combat Vehicle, and the Serval Armored Personnel Carrier as well as a new modernization of the Leclerc Main Battle Tank (MBT) under the name of Leclerc XLR.

The Serval is a highly mobile and versatile vehicle designed to transport troops and equipment in a variety of combat situations. It is equipped with advanced technology and features such as ballistic protection, all-terrain capabilities, and a remote weapon system.

The design of the Serval is based on a modular architecture allowing the vehicle to be configured to conduct different types of missions. It can be used as an armored personnel carrier, reconnaissance, communication vehicle, electronic warfare, and MEDEVAC (Medical Evacuation) vehicle.

The Serval has total combat weight of about 17 tons. It has enhanced mine protection. The personnel carrier can carry 10 military personnel equipped with the FELIN (Fantassin à Équipement et Liaisons Intégrés, Integrated Infantryman Equipment and Communications) system. The vehicle is compatible with the SCORPION (SICS) combat network information system.

The hull of the Serval can provide protection against the firing of small arms and artillery shell splinters as well as the blast of IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) explosion. The roof of the vehicle can be fitted with a remotely operated weapon station armed with one 7.62 or 12.7mm machine gun.

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