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HGH Cyclope 5.0 : French automatic intrusion detection and tracking software

HGH Infrared Systems has released its Cyclope 5.0, an automatic intrusion detection and tracking software. This brand new Cyclope version is tailor-made to suit Spynel sensors’ users’ reported needs.

HGH Cyclope 5.0 French automatic intrusion detection and tracking software2
HGH Infrared Systems has released its new version of the Cyclope: the 5.0 (Picture source: HGH Infrared Systems)

Cyclope is the integrated software of HGH’s 360° Infrared Sensor for the Spinel wide area surveillance. The software automatically detects and tracks an unlimited number of ground/air/maritime targets simultaneously, including hardly detectable threats, such as crawling men, RHIBs, low altitude air targets, UAVs and stealth aircrafts.

The major innovation resides its Alarm Management Module: the operating system now automatically distinguishes between a threat and an authorized intrusion, by analyzing the behavior of the target. In order to proceed to this automatic classification, some conditions are editable in advance like the speed, the size, the direction of a threat, and many other parameters. Cyclope 5.0 is also able to merge other data like AIS or ADSB, to filter out normal trafic and optimize classification. An alarm is launched only if the conditions set up by the user match. In the event of a confirmed threat, Cyclope 5.0 automatically alerts the hypervisor, creates a visual alarm, sends an email or even a screenshot to the user.

« We are thrilled to launch Cyclope 5.0, based on a spirit of cooperation and innovation. We believe that listening to our clients’ needs and recommendations is the best way to continually challenge ourselves to develop the best technologies. » said Edouard Campana, Sales Director of HGH Infrared Systems.


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