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NATO accelerator and two test centres to be established in Finland

NATO's Defence Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic (DIANA) program is broadening its scope with the inclusion of new locations, notably welcoming Finland into its expanding network. This follows the DIANA board's endorsement of a proposal to set up an accelerator and two testing facilities within Finland, aiming to foster the development of technology and innovation across both civilian and defense industries.
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Area X.O helps accelerate the development, testing, validation, and demonstration of new security and defence technology-driven products and services (Picture source: Area X.O)

The groundwork for this expansion, initiated in spring 2023 under the guidance of Finland's Ministry of Defence and the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, has successfully culminated. This collaborative effort has led to the establishment of a DIANA accelerator in Otaniemi, Espoo, through a partnership with Aalto University and the University of Helsinki. Additionally, testing centers are slated for creation at the University of Oulu and the Otaniemi site of VTT.

These Finnish additions to the DIANA network are poised to leverage the country's longstanding technological prowess and market achievements, focusing on cutting-edge themes such as next-gen communication systems, 6G, cybersecurity, and quantum and space technologies.

Sauli Eloranta, VTT's Vice President of Defence, expressed pride in Finland's integration into the DIANA network, highlighting the country's top-tier expertise as a catalyst for innovative companies aiming to enhance NATO's security.

The Otaniemi-based DIANA accelerator, in collaboration with local universities, is designed to prepare firms for engagement in the defense sector, emphasizing future communication and quantum technologies. This initiative offers specialized training to aid businesses in innovating and commercializing their technologies for both civilian and defense applications, specifically catering to startups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) inexperienced in the defense arena.

Eloranta emphasized the importance of this initiative for Finland, marking a significant opportunity for Finnish tech innovators to contribute to NATO's innovation efforts. He underscored the support DIANA offers through training in NATO's technical and procurement standards and tailored business development programs, facilitating easier access to the challenging defense industry.

DIANA's selection process, the DIANA challenge program, will open its first application round for the Finnish accelerator in 2024, targeting startups from NATO countries with dual-use solutions.

Moreover, the DIANA testing centers in Otaniemi and the University of Oulu will enable firms to advance their technological capabilities, offering resources and expertise for testing and development, especially in secure connectivity, space, quantum, and 6G technologies.

Eloranta noted Finland's established excellence in civilian communication systems and the new pathways DIANA offers for companies to enter the NATO defense market.

The DIANA initiative stands as NATO's concerted effort to address future defense and security challenges through technological innovations, emphasizing the development of dual-use technologies that serve both civilian and defense purposes. This initiative not only aims to foster NATO's technological edge but also to ensure the safety and security of its one billion citizens by supporting the development of innovative solutions in critical sectors.

North Atlantic (DIANA) test centrealso selects Area X.O in Canada

The NATO Defence Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic (DIANA) has chosen Area X.O, managed by Invest Ottawa, as one of its 13 test centres in Canada. This designation for the research and development complex, known for advancing smart mobility, autonomy, and connectivity technologies, presents several opportunities for Area X.O and its network. These include assisting NATO-supported innovators and companies in testing, validating, and bringing cutting-edge technologies to the market more swiftly; leveraging Area X.O's distinct skills and its status as a certified Public Research Institution to tackle global defense issues; and aiding in safeguarding the populations of 32 NATO member countries.

Ottawa, hosting four DIANA test centres, stands out as the city with the highest concentration of such facilities in Canada, further cementing its reputation as a leading international technology and innovation hub, especially in the realms of defense, public safety, and security.

Sonya Shorey, Invest Ottawa's interim president and CEO, highlighted the city's long-standing technological expertise and its readiness to foster international collaborations and local economic growth through the DIANA initiative. This collaboration aims at sparking new intellectual property and tech advancements, drawing fresh research and development, talent, business, and investment to Ottawa.

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