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New RPK-16 light machine gun will enter in service with Russian army

The Kalashnikov Concern of Rostec State Corporation and the Russian Defense Ministry signed a contract for the delivery of the latest 5.45mm RPK-16 machine guns, company CEO Alexey Krivoruchko said. The weapons have successfully passed test operation in the troops, Rostec said.

New Kalashnikov RPK 16 light machine gun will enter in service with Russian army 925 001
RPK-16 light machine gun was unveiled at Army-2016 International Military Technical Forum near Moscow, Russia. (Picture source Army Recognition)

The RPK-16 is a 5.45mm caliber light machine gun (LMG) designed and manufactured by the Russian small arms manufacturer Kalashnikov Group, a subsidiary of the Russian ROSTEC state corporation. The RPK-16 was unveiled during Army-2016, the International Military Technical Forum which was held near Moscow in September 2016.

"The multifunctional RPK-16 machinegun combines the characteristics of a light machinegun and assault rifle. The design allows replacing the barrel. RPK-16 with a short barrel can be used as an assault rifle and with a long barrel as a portable machinegun," Rostec said.

A 95-catridge magazine was designed for the weapon which is compatible with Kalashnikov rifle. The machinegun fires single shots and short bursts to a distance of 600 meters and long bursts and uninterrupted fire - 300 meters. The fire rate is 700 shots per minute. The weapon weighs 4.5kg which is only half a kilo heavier than standard AK-74M.

The RPK-16 light machine uses the standard design and layout of Kalashnikov assault rifle family. it uses traditional gas operated action with rotary bolt locking. The RPK-16 has barrel change capability, so it can be uses as a standard light machine gun with a long barrel or as an assault machine gun with a short barrel.



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