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Plasan SandCat Stormer 4x4 armored vehicle for police and security forces

According to information released by the Polish Defense website Defence 24 on September 12, 2020, during the MSPO defense exhibition in Poland, the Military Gendarmerie of the Polish Armed Forces has presented a medical evacuation vehicle based on the Sandcat Stormer made by the Israeli Company Plasan.
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Polish Military Police Plasan SandCat medical evacuation vehicle at MSPO defense exhibition, September 2020. (Picture source Mateusz Multarzyński/Defence 24)

The SandCat is a 4x4 light armored vehicle designed and manufactured by the Israeli company Plasan. For several years, Plasan has continued the development and modernization of its Sandact armored vehicles, there are now four generations of SandCat. The new SandCat Stormer is the latest member of the SandCat FoV and is built around the same rugged Ford components; the StormRider is engineered as a fully structural Monocoque, doing away with a ladder-frame chassis - 4x4 Tactical Armored Vehicles, Independent Suspensions & CTIS, 2a/2b Mine Protection and STANAG Level II/III all-round protection and provides increased payload capacity including AWD with Differential Locks integrated military capabilities.

In 2015, Plasan has signed a contract with Poland for the delivery 14 third-generation Sandact to the Polish Military Police. The vehicle is named Szop (Racoon) in the Polish armed forces.

The SandCat is a family of 4x4 armored vehicle that can be used by military or security forces. Plasan has developed a variant of the Sandact especially designed to conduct anti-riot and counter-terrorism operations. The vehicle can be fitted with the SCAT system to address low-intensity conflict violence with a variety of non-lethal means, providing precise and proportionate crowd control, preventing civilian casualties, and with no risk to the system operators. SCAT is a roof-mounted RCWS with day & night Imaging, command and control system, dazzler, multi-shot 40mm smoke/gas grenade launcher, Long Range Acoustic Device, and an optional rifle.

The SandCat provides a high level of ballistic protection up to Level B6/B7 able to stop armor-piercing ammunition in 7.62x63 and 7.62x51 calibers. The floor of the vehicle is protected to offer protection against the explosion of DM51 hand grenades.

Plasan SandCat Stormer is the lightest tactical armored vehicle providing such a high protection level. It is designed to serve in various mission profiles requiring a highly maneuverable and protected vehicle, such as urban law enforcement, peace-keeping, homeland security, and border patrol.

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