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Rostec creates computers with Russian processors

Avtomatika Concern of Rostec designed and offered to the market industrial computers and modules on the basis of Elbrus and MTsST-R processors. The line of innovative equipment was designed to manage industrial processes at enterprises. The Russian element base allows using the computers at facilities requiring high information security, Rostec said.

Rostec creates computers with Russian processors
The Elbrus motherboard (Picture source: Elbrus)

The project was implemented by the Bruk Institute of Electronic Machines of Avtomatika and co-financed by the Industry and Trade Ministry. The line includes six industrial computers and modules of various form factors and protection degrees. The computers are based on two Russian microprocessors - Elbrus and MTsST-R. The equipment was designed to create automatic controls of technological processes in various industries, as well as power and transport infrastructure.

"Rostec enterprises are experienced in the design and introduction of their solutions in such important industries, as nuclear power engineering, metro and railway transport. Our IT systems are distinguished by high information security. The new line of industrial computers can be used at enterprises which require high security. I am sure that our products will be the basis for the buildup of a reliable and fully domestic digital infrastructure", Rostec Executive Director Oleg Yevtushenko said.

PK-2 computer uses Elbrus-1S+ processor with an inbuilt graphics controller. It has a shock, dust and moisture-resistant hull with conductive heat discharge from all elements. The absence of moving parts and ventilators increases the life cycle and simplifies maintenance. PK-1 computer with MTsST R1000 processor has the same hull with IP-65 protection. PK-3 model with Elbrus-1S+ microprocessor is produced in fanless hull for the use inside premises. All the three modifications can be used as managing computer complexes of the upper and middle level, data transmission gateways and operator workplaces.

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