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Rostec to export face recognition technology

Rosoboronexport and NtechLab Companies of Rostec presented a unique face recognition solution FindFace for the armed forces and special task units, Rostec said.

Rostec to export face recognition technology
A military identification system has already been developed in the USA: SVI’s Facial Recognition Binocular Technology was initially developed to support U.S. Navy, Joint, and Coalition warfighters to identify persons of interest at ranges up to 200 meters. Currently in pre-production, this mobile man-portable technology integrates real-time surveillance operations with on-demand facial recognition via a simple point and shoot operation (Picture source: SVI)

FindFace designed by NtechLab is the most reliable biometric identification tool in the world. The recognition time is 0.3 seconds at 99% precision. The high indicators combine with the simplicity of obtaining biometric data. It makes the device irreplaceable in identification and verification of an individual.

"At present, Rostec in partnership with NtechLab is actively introducing digital face recognition technologies in Russia. They have already demonstrated high effectiveness. The armed forces of our partner countries are upgrading equipment to counter security challenges. The introduction of advanced face recognition technologies is a major guideline in the modern army. We are glad to offer a new Russian design made for the military to foreign customers. Rosoboronexport has received a number of applications and I believe new ones will come after the demonstration at MCIS-2019 conference," Rosoboronexport CEO Alexander Mikheyev said.

Face recognition can be used to control access and prevent unsanctioned access. The monitoring cameras of the system automatically register faces in their range. The operator is informed if an unknown person is spotted.

"Face recognition algorithm of NtechLab is one of the most rapid and precise in the world. We took into consideration all options which can simplify the work of the military. The whole range of algorithm capabilities is fit for hot spots and counterterrorist operations. The system can operate fully automatically without switching to data transmission networks and power supply," NtechLab CEO Alexander Minin said.


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