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Russia conducts tests to control by voice Marker UGV Unmanned Ground Vehicle

According to information published by the Russian Press Agency TASS on June 29, 200, Russian engineers conduct tests on controlling combat robots "Marker" with voice commands, with commanders issuing orders to the robotic complex in the same way they do with human soldiers, says Oleg Martyanov, head of the Russian Foundation for Advanced Research Projects’ National Center for Development of Technologies and Basic Elements of Robotic
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Marker combat UGV Unmanned Ground Vehicle. (Picture source Twitter account Samuel Bendett)

According to Martyanov, the robots were initially made to be controlled by an electronic tablet. The new solutions on voice robot control are being tested on the Marker robotic platform, he added.

The Marker robotic platform is the joint project of the Center and the Android Technics Scientific Production Association, the developer of the FEDOR/Skybot android. The platform is supposed to become the key element for the practice of joint operation of ground robots, unmanned aviation and Special Operations forces. The Marker is positioned as a construction set for the development of combat models in the future.

The Marker robot is based on a tracked chassis with five road wheels and independent suspension. 

The Marker robot is fitted with a turret that can be armed with a 7.62mm machine gun and rocket-propelled grenade launchers. The rear part of the robot can be also used to carry a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) able to conduct reconnaissance missions with data transfer to the main robot. 

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