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Russia creates Boman, Forward Air Controller combat vehicle

Forward air controllers (FAC) who guide attack aircraft at targets will receive new vehicles. The combat air controller vehicle (BOMAN) can detect adversary objects, provide guidance and control airplanes and helicopters over the battlefield. It makes the operation on the frontline safer and guiding precision much more accurate, the Izvestia daily writes.

Russia creates Boman Forward Air Controller combat vehicle 2
The Tigr serves as a basis for the BOMAN design aimed at equipping forward air controllers (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The first BOMANs have been sent to Syria for trials in a harsh climate, several informed sources in the Defense Ministry said. Designers will improve the vehicle by trial results and it will be supplied to the troops.

The FAC vehicle is designed on the basis of Tigr 4x4 armored vehicle, the sources said. It is a spacious and maneuverable vehicle with high anti-mine protection. The BOMAN was previously designed on the basis of BTR-80 APC and MTLB prime mover; however, they were not delivered to the troops. The Tigr is irreplaceable in a desert and modern intensive, rapid and constantly changing combat situation. They are used by commandos, engineers and headquarters. FAC is no exception.

The BOMAN carries a powerful radio station, a laser sight, a ranger, a thermal visor and automatic control terminals. The vehicle is integrated into Strelets reconnaissance and communication system which transmits real-time data to electronic maps on a gadget. The new vehicle is actually a mobile FAC center.

"Previously, a forward air controller had to carry heavy equipment. A radio operator had to stay nearby. The BOMAN can carry bigger and more powerful equipment to transmit information to the command post and directly to the aircraft," former Commander of the 4th air force and defense army, Hero of Russia Lieutenant-General Valery Gorbenko said.

If one warring party dominates in the air, the other party can engage the following tactic: advance to the troops to the maximum (of 350-400 meters) so that the aviation could strike without fearing to kill friendly forces, Gorbenko said.


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