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Russian armed forces will receive first upgraded Zoopark Counter-battery radar systems

The Russian armed forces receive the first upgraded Zoopark Counter-battery radar systems which were modernized according to the combat engagement in Syria. The upgraded radar guarantees the detection of adversary munitions after fire, including makeshift missiles and mines. It calculates the trajectory and provides guidance for destruction. Experts believe the radars will increase the effectiveness of artillery units, the Izvestia daily writes.

Russian armed forces will receive first upgraded Zoopark Counter battery radar systems 925 001
Zoopark-1M radar system at MAKS 2013 Air Show in Russia.(Picture source Wikimedia)

The new radars will be supplied to the 19th and 42nd divisions of the Southern Military District and the motorized rifle brigade of the Central Military District by the end of the year, sources in the Defense Ministry said.

Zoopark is designed to reconnoiter adversary firing positions and adjust fire. It is the so-called counterbattery radar which operates together with barrel artillery and multiple launch rocket systems.

The radar detects adversary munitions after fire and calculates their trajectory. It determines the point of fire with a precision of several dozen meters. The high productivity of the radar and computer determines the coordinates of all weapons even during massive shelling and distributes guidance. All data are automatically transmitted to the command post for retaliatory strikes.

The radar can effectively adjust artillery fire. The new modification monitors the airspace and controls drones.

Zoopark was not supplied to the troops for some time because of the absence of procurement funds. The capabilities of artillery decreased therefore, former Commander of the 58th army Viktor Sobolev said. "It is a good radar. Even its first modifications performed as an effective means capable of detecting adversary artillery and providing guidance for destruction. New technologies perfected it and expanded the capabilities," he said.

The designers improved radar characteristics. Baget computers control the complex. A new system to determine own coordinates was installed. Zoopark received a topographic surveying vehicle and a GLONASS receiver.

The software uses the latest adaptive search, tracking and jamming compensation algorithms. Adaptive digital information processing increases the precision of coordinates, detection and identification of targets. The computer processes close to 70 targets in a minute and simultaneously tracks over a dozen of objects. It takes 15-20 seconds to automatically calculate the complete trajectory of adversary munition from the firing to the fall point. The upgraded radar detects tactical missiles at a distance of 40 km and rocket-propelled shells - at 20 km. Adversary mortars can be detected at a distance of over 20 km.

The main instrument is a 3D radar with a phased antenna array. The deployment time is close to five minutes. The radar also includes a maintenance vehicle and a standby power generator, the Izvestia said.

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