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Russian combat vehicles to be protected by slat armor Part 3

APCs and IFVs are only beginning to get additional protection and slat armor. Chief Designer of the Special Machine-Building Design Bureau (SKBM) Sergey Abdulov said at Army-2019 forum that BMP-3 IFV would soon get additional anti-cumulative bars and steel screens against RPG launchers.
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BMP-3 IFV with slat armor displayed at Army-2019 defense forum near Kubinka (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The screens will be mounted on BMP-3 procured by the Defense Ministry up to 2021 by a contract for 168 vehicles worth 14 billion rubles. The vehicles are to be supplied to the Southern Military District.

According to Abdulov, BMP-3 supplied by 2015-2017 contracts will also get additional protection. Close to 200 vehicles were supplied. Special fixtures are welded to the body to keep armored plates which cover the sides, the back and the turret. They protect the vehicles against fragmentation, small-caliber automatic guns and large-caliber machineguns. BMP-3 protection has two layers. The armored plates also carry slat armor against handheld antitank grenade launchers. Together with the plates, it can defend the vehicle against an antitank missile.

So far, it is unclear whether other Russian combat vehicles will get additional armor. BMP-2M with Berezhok module is likely to get it. They will remain the most powerful light armored vehicles until Kurganets is supplied. So far, BMP-2M have no fixtures for additional protection.

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news
BTR-82 AT with slat armor displayed at Army-2019 defense forum near Kubinka (Picture source: Army Recognition)

BTR-82 APC are likely to get additional protection soon. At Army-2019 forum, VPK presented BTR-82AT fitted for urban combat. Additional armor resembled that of BMP-3. Armored plates were mounted on the body and slat armor attached to them. At Army-2020, the Military-Industrial Company (VPK) presented an upgraded BTR-82 with a new remote combat module, slat armor and additional protection elements. Photos and videos of BTR-82 posted by the Defense Ministry show they have characteristic fixtures since 2020. They are to hold additional protection and slat armor. The vehicles are mostly supplied to marines so far.

There are no reports about contracts for BTR-82 with additional armor. However, the Defense Ministry could have amended the available contracts and add the requirement to add protection to the already produced vehicles, the Independent Military Review said.

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