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Russian-made Katran rotary-wing UAV will enter trials in mid-2018

The Katran rotary-wing unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) will enter trials in mid-2018, according to a source from the Russian aerospace industry. The UAV was unveiled in May 2018 during the Victory Day Parade, at which two vehicles were being transported by two KAMAZ-65117 multipurpose trucks.

Russian made Katran rotary wing UAV will enter trial in mid 2018 925 001
Katran UAV at military parade for Victory Day in May 2018, Moscow. (Picture source Vitaly Kuzmin Blog)

The Katran is designed for fire support and reconnaissance missions. The UAV features coaxial rotor scheme and can land at unpaved airstrips. The vehicle carries a photo or TV camera or a thermal imager. The Katran has a normal take-off weight of 340 kg and a maximum take-off weight of 490 kg. The vehicle carries a 60 kg payload. The UAV is powered by a 115 hp engine, which produces a climb rate of up to 12 m/s, a maximum speed of 130 km/h, and an endurance of 4 hours during flights with the normal take-off weight. The Katran has a hover ceiling of 2,000 m and a service ceiling of 4,000 m. The UAV can be used by both ground and naval units.

The trucks, which were carrying the Katrans during the Victory Day Parade, were also fitted with two 9M113M Konkurs-M (NATO reporting name: AT-5B Spandrel-B) and two 9M120 Ataka (AT-9‘Spiral-2) anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM). Considering its payload, the Katran can carry two containerized Konkurs-M ATGMs or a single Ataka.

At least two versions of the Katran UAV have been developed up to date. The first was unveiled during a rehearsal of the Parade in late April. It features two distinctive round air intakes in the upper hull, while the UAV demonstrated in Moscow had its air intakes protected by covers.

In 2014, the Kamov company, a subsidiary of Rostec's Russian Helicopters, presented its concept of a rotary-wing UAV designated Ka-175. However, the project was rejected.

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