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Smart Shooter from Israel develops SMASH Dragon armed drone to counter other UAVs

According to information published by "The Jerusalem Post" on January 10, 2022, the Israeli company Smart Shooter has developed its new combat drone called SMASH Dragon designed to counter other UAVs, armed with an assault rifle and also incorporates the company’s combat-proven SMASH technology.
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The Smash Dragon is a drone armed with an assault rifle and fire control system able to counter other UAVs. (Picture source Smart Shooter)

According to the picture released by the Israeli company Smart Shooter, the assault rifle equipped with the SMASH technology is mounted on a six-rotor UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) but according to the company, the weapon payload can be mounted to other UAVs and can incorporate other assault rifles, sniper rifles, 40mm, and other ammunition with great precision.

Citing the "Israel Defense" website, according to the company, featuring SMASH’s proprietary target acquisition and tracking algorithms as well as sophisticated computer vision capabilities, the remotely operated SMASH Dragon Offers the SMASH technology's fast and precise hit capabilities and other exclusive benefits while engaging targets from the air. The system successfully completed live firing tests and is currently under advanced stages of development.

The SMASH is a combat-proven Fire Control System that was designed to ensure each round finds its target, in both day and night conditions, as well as keeping friendly forces safe. The SMASH is much more than an optical scope. It’s a high-tech individual Fire Control System. Its dual-core computer with sophisticated ballistic processing can recognize, track and engage aerial (Drone/UAS) and ground targets with unmatched precision.

The new armed drone SMASH Dragon is not yet operational, it has successfully completed live-fire tests and is currently under advanced stages of development, according to the Israeli company Smart Shooter.

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