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UVision has demonstrated Israeli Hero-400EC loitering munition

According a press release of January 8, 2018, Israeli Company UVision Air Ltd, a global pioneer of lethal aerial loitering systems of all sizes, has successfully demonstrated the Hero-400EC extended-range loitering system for a strategic customer. The demonstration, which took place in southern Israel in December 2017, proved the tracking and lock-on capabilities of the system using a moving vehicle and a human target in various operational scenarios as well as its mission-abort capabilities. The ability to strike a target with exceptional precision was also demonstrated.

UVision has demonstrated Israeli Hero 400EC loitering munition 925 001
Video Print Screen of UVision Hero-400EC Extended-Range Loitering System during the demonstration for strategic customer (Picture source YouTube)

According to Noam Levitt, CEO of UVision, “The demonstration we recently carried out for a strategic customer proved the remarkable capabilities of our Hero-400EC system. This system incorporates a high level of both precision attack and ISR capabilities. The system is simple to operate and allows field forces to quickly respond with the ability to eliminate any immediate threat that arises.”

The Hero-400EC features a new electric motor that delivers high-speed transit and low-speed loitering with much lower acoustic and thermal signatures, thus improving stealth. The unique aerodynamic cruciform design delivers high precision terminal engagement accuracy against static and moving targets or targets in confined urban environments, thus reducing collateral damage.

The Hero-400EC is optimized for the loitering munition role, where the deployable wings allow for any angle of attack, and delivers missile-level pinpoint strike capabilities. The multi-purpose, 10kg warhead (tandem, high explosive) allows engagement of a broad range of targets, including fortified positions and main battle tanks.

The system is 2.1 meters in length, has a wing-span (tip-to-tip) of 2.4 meters, and has a maximum take-off weight of 40kg. The 400EC retains a stabilized electro-optic/infrared (EO/IR) payload, a line-of-sight two-way data link with a range of 40km-150km, a man-in-the-loop capability, and two-hour endurance. An advanced abort capability enables automatic re-entry into the loitering mode, mission re-assignment or return to the recovery area using a parachute. Operational altitude is 18,000ft with loitering/transit speeds of 50-150kts.

Controlled by a single operator, the Hero-400EC can be either rail-launched or launched from a modular multitube canister which can be integrated on the user’s platform of choice..

Mr. Levitt added, “There are a number of tenders and programs for precise long-range loitering munitions systems and we are confident that our system, which is a leader in its category with proven high-level capabilities, will be a serious competitor.”

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