Arquus and Saab present a Sherpa Light Scout in NRBC configuration

Recent strategic developments in Europe are putting CBRN (nuclear, radiological, biological and chemical) defense capabilities back on the table. Many defense and security forces around the world are eager to strengthen their fleets of CBRN-protected vehicles or upgrade their current fleets to the latest protection standards. To illustrate the possible answers to these needs, Arquus and Saab are presenting on the Saab stand at Eurosatory 2022 a Sherpa Light Scout from Arquus equipped with Saab's CBRN solution.
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Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news
Arquus Sherpa Light Scout with Saab NRBC Reconnaissance Vehicle Kit (CRVK) (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Saab's CBRN Reconnaissance Vehicle Kit (CRVK) is a cost-effective, modular, reversible and dual-purpose solution, reversible and dual-purpose solution that allows a standard vehicle to be modified to support CBRN reconnaissance. The kit consists of three main parts, which have been adapted to simplify installation. With the CRVK, it is possible to create an automatic return capability where remotely grouped specialists can control the sensors to support the frontline CBRN team.

Substance identification can be performed at the presumptive and confirmatory levels in the field. It is an advanced and highly mobile CBRN vehicle, capable of supporting the following missions: reconnaissance, investigation, surveillance and control.

The Sherpa is a versatile 4x4 armored vehicle, designed by Arquus to offer a wide range of versions and customizations for all needs and missions, built on a unique and proven base for a greater base for greater commonality and ease of maintenance. The proposed Sherpa is a modern, next-generation vehicle that draws on many years of industrial experience, operational battlefield deployments and maintenance experience. It benefits from a new engine and improved mobility, both on- and off-road.

The Sherpa family currently includes four basic models: the Sherpa Scout, an armored liaison and reconnaissance vehicle that can accommodate 4 or 5 soldiers; the Carrier, equipped with a bed for transporting troops or systems; the APC, for protected troop transport; and the Sabre, designed for special forces requirements. In its various versions, the Sherpa can handle most missions and transport most of the equipment of defense and security forces.

Qualified for NATO and the French Army, the Sherpa Light is already deployed in all theatres of operations and in all configurations and has been combat-proven on several occasions. More than 1,200 Sherpa Light vehicles have already been ordered and delivered, a major milestone that recognizes the Sherpa Light's design quality, versatility and durability.

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news
Arquus Sherpa Light Scout with Saab NRBC Reconnaissance Vehicle Kit (CRVK) (Picture source: Army Recognition)

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