IDEX 2021: Arquus showcases Fortress Mk2 armored combat vehicle

Major supplier of the French Army and partner to several governmental forces in the Middle East, Arquus (formerly known as Renault Trucks Defense) is present at the IDEX 2021 trade show.

DSEI 2019 Fantastic opportunity to promote the British defence industry 925 001
Fortress MK2 (Picture source: Arquus / Nicolas Broquedis)

Arquus is a European leader of land protected mobility, designer and manufacturer of world-renowned vehicles such as the VAB, the VBL, the Bastion and the Sherpa, many of which are already proudly serving in the Gulf region. At IDEX 2021, Arquus will display all of its expertise, including its most advanced products and technologies, among which the Scarabee and the Hornet RCWS range.

Arquus will also be offering the Fortress Mk2, one of the most advanced APC vehicles currently on the market. Extremely mobile with its independent suspensions and high-power engine, the Fortress Mk2 redefines the standards of military mobility. Built on Arquus’ long-running experience in designing and supporting all-terrain military vehicles, the Fortress Mk2 successfully combines excellent weight/power ratio with exceptional off-road capabilities.

It benefits from the latest technologies and the most advanced processes making this product particularly efficient and homogeneous. Its new armoured hull provides the Fortress Mk2 and its 11 passengers with very high levels of ballistic, mine and IED protection, without gaining any weight. With its excellent mobility, the Fortress Mk2 is an APC of choice which can be equipped with the latest vetronics suites such as Arquus’ Battlenet solution, as well as RCWS such as the Hornet for extra firepower and operational versatility in the field.

The Fortress MK2 is a 14.5 tonne armored combat vehicle. With its high mobility driveline, 340 hp engine, automatic drive and independent wheel suspensions, the Fortress is the perfect balance of weight/power ratio, important payload and exceptional all-terrain capabilities. Its armored monocoque hull offers a large internal volume, as well as great protection against balistical aggressions, mines and Improvised Explosive Devices (IED), in compliance with STANAG 4569 standard.

DSEI 2019 Fantastic opportunity to promote the British defence industry 925 001
The Fortress MK2 (Picture source: Arquus / Nicolas Broquedis)