IDEX 2021 : Kalashnikov presents Lebedev PLC compact pistol for the first time abroad

Kalashnikov’s Lebedev pistol has successfully passed the program of state tests in the Russian Federation and has proved its reliability in difficult operating conditions, said Dmitry Tarasov, CEO of the group.

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Lebedev PLC compact pistol (Picture source: Kalashnikov)

The Kalashnikov group of companies (GC) (part of the Rostec state corporation) for the first time demonstrates abroad the latest Lebedev PLC compact pistol at the IDEX 2021 international arms exhibition. "One of the new products that Kalashnikov Group of Companies is presenting at IDEX is the PLC - a compact Lebedev pistol - chambered for 9x19 mm. This sample has successfully passed the state test program in the Russian Federation and has already proven its reliability in difficult operating conditions", general director of Kalashnikov Dmitry Tarasov said.

As noted in the GC, all the necessary permits have already been obtained, allowing to start promoting the PLC on the international market, including in the Middle East.

The compact size allows the use of the PLC for concealed carry, which is necessary for operational police officers and special services, and the presence of a Picatinny rail ensures the effectiveness of the pistol's all-day use. "The competitive advantage of the weapon is its ergonomics. The slide stop, safety catch and magazine release button are located on both sides of the PLC and allow right-handers and left-handers to use the pistol equally effectively," Kalashnikov said.


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