IDEX 2021: Laser Detect System presents world first hybrid explosive and narcotic detection system

Following extensive lab and field testing, Laser Detect System (LDS) LLC. is unveiling for the first time in the middle east – the world’s first integrated, state-of-the-art, multi-spectral explosives and narcotics detection station for military and law enforcement use.

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Hybrid Detection Kit (HDK) (Picture source: Laser Detect System)

In today's modern world, imminent threats of danger are growing and changing at a rate hard to keep up with. The traditional threats of commercial explosives such as C4, TNT, and RDX are no longer the primary concern. The rising presence of peroxide based explosives and synthetic narcotics presents a growing threat of dangerous, homemade explosives and narcotics that are both powerful and unstable. They are created with easily accessible and seemingly innocent household items, just a few grams of TATP would be enough to blow a hole in a wall or an airplane, and can be hidden almost anywhere.

Introducing: Laser Detect Systems (LDS), a worldwide leader in the development of explosives and narcotics detection and identification technologies. LDS has commercialized patented, groundbreaking systems for homeland security, law enforcement, military, and environmental safety. These systems enable real-time detection of explosives, narcotics, and other hazardous materials in powder, liquid, or pill form.

With the support of its local partners, United International Dynamics & Pegasus Intelligence, for the first time in the middle east, LDS unveils its Hybrid Detection Kit (HDK).

DSEI 2019 Fantastic opportunity to promote the British defence industry 925 001
Hybrid Detection Kit (HDK) (Picture source: Laser Detect System)

The HDK is a computerized, multi-sensor mobile detection station, integrating multiple technologies such as laser Spectroscopy, IMS and more, in one platform that provides users with increased efficiency and full-spectrum detection capabilities. The HDK offers solutions for explosives and narcotics detection that allow users not only to detect and identify traditional and commercial threats, but to "learn" new substances, and to identify precursors (the ingredients and building blocks of home- made explosives or narcotics) before they become an immediate threat.

Beyond its capability of detecting all explosives and narcotics in all forms (powder, liquid, and bulk), the HDK has an open database, capable of learning new substances, adapting to local threats, and growing in parallel with them. The HDK’s open architecture means users are able to integrate new technologies into LDS’s proprietary, centralized data management system, where users can access, manage, and analyze data from multiple sensors.

Building a database, cataloging like samples of explosives or narcotics, breaking down compounds, and identifying mixtures and their contents - these are all features provided by the HDK.

The HDK provides its users with the maximum in capability, and full-spectrum efficiency when it comes to explosives and narcotics detection and identification.

A live Demo of the HDK will be presented by United International Dynamics during IDEX 2021 at the Pegasus Intelligence Stand 06-B30 this year in Abu Dhabi.