IDEX 2021: Retia showcases the 3D radar ReGUARD

The multi-purpose 3D radar ReGUARD, for the detection and tracking of ground and low-flying targets, will be presented by RETIA at the IDEX 2021 exhibition in Abu Dhabi.

DSEI 2019 Fantastic opportunity to promote the British defence industry 925 001
3D radar ReGUARD at IDEX 2021, Stand: 10-D27 (Picture source: Retia)

The ReGUARD multi-purpose radar is the first 3D radar developed and manufactured in the Czech Republic. ReGUARD is designed for the detection and tracking of ground targets and slow low-flying objects with a small radar cross section (LSS) simultaneously.

ReGUARD can detect and track objects with a small radar cross section up to 18 km with an altitude coverage of up to 3 km, while in the ground target mode the radar´s range is also 18 km. A specific feature of the radar is that it searches the space of interest by utilizing electronic beam steering and mechanical rotation of the radar head.

The design of the ReGUARD radar is flexible and exclusively uses semiconductor technology, which ensures high reliability of the system, including parts redundancy. ReGUARD belongs to the category of pulse-doppler 3D radars and it can exist in portable, stationary, or mobile configurations. ReGUARD is characterized by its compact dimensions and low weight, e.g. the radar head weighs only 65 kg.

The versatility of the ReGUARD radar is underlined by the possibility of using it either as a standalone sensor or as an integral part of a complex system. The radar enables simultaneous monitoring of ground and flying targets and can capture a wide range of objects. It is therefore suitable, e.g., to protect borders or important infrastructure, and it will work well in anti-drone systems, e.g. for the protection of airports, but also in the air defence systems.

In addition to the ReGUARD radar, RETIA will also present special radar ReTWis 5 (RETIA Through-Wall Imaging System), which is able to track people's activities behind solid obstacles. The radar is able to detect live beings behind the wall, both in motion and without moving. The ReTWis 5 radar uses the ultra-broadband (UWB) radar technology. UWB technology is specific with its high-resolution ability, difficult to be disturbed and virtually does not interfere with other radio systems.

Advantage is also an easy signal breakthrough, through the wall or through other non-metallic barriers. The visual outputs of the hidden objects behind the walls are displayed based on impulses processing which are emitted from them. The signal processing of the radar ReTWis 5 is optimized to detect small changes caused by human or animal movement, allowing the location of, for example, a person just by breathing.

The visual output from the ReTWis 5 radar can be displayed in 2D or 3D with a range of up to 40 m and can be positioned up to 20 m from the obstacle behind which searched persons become visible. The radar is a highly mobile device and with its weight of 3.25 kg it is easily portable and quick to use. The use of ReTWis is versatile – it can be used, for example, by security and armed forces.


DSEI 2019 Fantastic opportunity to promote the British defence industry 925 001
 ReTWis 5 (Picture source: Retia)