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Russia to upgrade Tigr armored vehicle within five years
Russia may develop a new vehicle on the basis of the Tigr armored vehicle within five years, Vyacheslav Yershov, director of the Russian Military Engineering Center’s Design Department, told TASS.
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The Tigr Armored Vehicle during a military parade (Photo Wikipédia)
The Military Engineering Center is a subsidiary of Russia’s Military and Industrial Company.
The development work on the new vehicle has already started, Yershov added.

"Work is currently under way to upgrade the Tigr vehicle. This will be a different vehicle based on the same platform. It will meet all modern requirements set by Russia’s Defense Ministry," the department’s director said.

"Its design will be also changed. Our task is to maintain the chassis but the vehicle will have a different design," he added.

According to Yershov, the new vehicle will feature improved armor and is likely to be lighter than its predecessors.

"It will take about five years to develop the vehicle. The work has already begun," the department’s head said, adding that the new vehicle had not been designated yet.

The Machine-Building Enterprise in Arzamas in the Volga area started producing vehicles of the Tigr family in 2005. The Machine-Building Enterprise in Arzamas is a subsidiary of the Military and Industrial Company. Russian-made Tigr armored vehicles are used in ten countries in the world (Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, China, Congo, Uruguay, etc ), spokesman for Russia’s Military and Industrial Company Sergei Suvorov told TASS.

According to Sergei Suvorov tests of an airdroppable version ot the Tigr are in progress. There are plans for the Russian-made Tigr armored car to be made fit for the descent by parachute.
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