France: ARQUUS launches Defense E-XPO virtual booth to present military trucks and armored vehicles

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The Eurosatoy 2020 defense exhibition was to start on June 8. It is traditionally a major event for Arquus, which has always made a point of showing its new products and innovations to all Defense stakeholders. For Arquus, Eurosatory has always been a time to create, unveil and surprise. Following the cancellation of Eurosatory 2020, Arquus has decided to show up in another way, by setting an online view of what an Arquus stand could very well be today: the Arquus e-xpo to be visited at

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Arquus virtual stand on (Picture source: Arquus)

ARQUUS Defense e-xpo is an interactive showroom open for discovery and discussion. It presents all novelties and development fields the company is currently working on. It is open for the whole world of Defense, starting with Arquus’ customers and partners, from June 8th to July 31st, 2020. It will be updated very regularly, with new content, announcements, and illustrations.

The e-xpo is a major opportunity for Arquus to present the latest evolutions of its military tactical and logistical product ranges, wheeled armored vehicles, as well as its systems and services offered alongside these developments, Arquus also presents the conclusions of two years’ worth of hard work on innovative fields such as energy, maintenance and support.

Arquus will organize an event during the second half of 2020 in order to present the capabilities of its new product ranges.