DIMDEX 2018: Al Wajbah VBCI 8x8 armored fitted with Kongsberg turret Protector

At DIMDEX 2018, the International Maritime Defense Exhibition & Conference in Qatar, Barzan Holdings presents a 8w8 armoured vehicle Nexter VBCI 2 fitted with a remotely operated turret Kongsberg Protector armed with one 30mm automatic cannon. This version of the VBCI 2 seem to be destined to the AMIRI Guard under the name Al Wajbah, according information written on the side of the vehicle.

DIMDEX 2018 Al Wajbah VBCI 8x8 armored fitted with Kongsberg turret Protector 30mm cannon 925 001
The Al Wajbah, a French VBCI 2 8x8 chassis fitted with a Kongsberg turret Protector armed with one 30mm automatic cannon at DIMDEX 2018, International Maritime Defense Exhibition & Conference in Qatar (Picture source Army Recognition)

Together with Qatari authorities, KONGSBERG has established a new company for technology development programs. The company, BK Systems, will have its main office in Qatar Science & Technology Park, and KONGSBERG holding the CEO position. The park is an innovation hub for leading international industry and universities.

BK Systems will be an important company for the development of technology and solutions within defence, digitalization and maritime industry in Qatar. The establishment of this cooperation shows that Norwegian high-tech industry is world leading and in demand. We see considerable industrial opportunities for technology development with this establishment, says Geir Håøy, President and CEO of KONGSBERG.

At DIMDEX 2018, Qatari authorities announced the companies that have been selected to deliver to the country’s upcoming vehicle programme which is to be delivered over the next eight years. KONGSBERG is to deliver tower solutions, and digitalization and communication solutions to 490 armoured vehicles delivered by the French company Nexter. The next steps in the process will be detailing and final negotiations prior to signing the final contract for the programme.

KONGSBERG is to deliver the solutions “PROTECTOR Remote Weapon Station” and “Medium Caliber Turret” to the programme, both remote tower solutions developed for increased protection of personnel. The PROTECTOR Remote Weapon Station is a system that was developed in cooperation with Norwegian armed forces towards the end of the 1990s, and thereafter it has been continuously developed and is the world leading solution with close to 20.000 systems delivered to 19 nations.

The Medium Caliber Turret is a further developed solution currently under deliver to the US Army. In addition to the delivery of the remote tower solutions, the agreement also includes delivery of integrated digitalization and communication solutions for the vehicles.