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Estonia and US sign defence procurement agreement
After almost five years, Estonia and the United States have finally signed a bilateral defence procurement agreement. Under the new deal, Estonian companies will have the same ease of access to defence-related procurements as the US companies.
Estonia and US sign defence procurement agreement
Estonian soldiers training in infantry tactics (Photo: Estonian MoD)

The two countries started their discussions in 2010 and they recently came to terms. The agreement will have a duration of five years and will be renewed automatically unless one of the two or both sides want to end it.

Thanks to the it, Estonian and US defence companies will gain free access to each other’s defence procurement competitions and both will have a guaranteed fair treatment. This bilateral type of agreement bypasses the Buy American Act”, which supports the acquisition of US-made equipment in public defence procurement competitions. Such agreements have only been signed between the US and 23 other countries.

This type of agreement concerns defence-related products and services, as well as research and development projects. It doesn’t however include construction projects or materials, as these are governed under global trade agreements.